How to add a page to Internet Archive ‘Way Back Machine’ so that it is saved.

We can never be sure of the reason but probably partly due to something called the ‘Mandela effect’ Google (NSA) has been spamming a ‘wrong’ version of the internet archive to the top of it’s search results:

The incorrect link is :

and it seems that the web developers have not fixed or noticed this.

which as you can see has caused many new users (initially myself included) to not see anywhere on the page a simple ‘upload’ section.

(this totally could change when they fix this loophole)

but here is a list of people that were having the same issues:

you can see the recent post from this year 2016

here is a quick screen dump to show you there is not ‘save page’ button on the .org page:


and here is a quick Screen dump to show that ‘Google’ is pushing the ‘wrong’ or ‘damaged’ link:


This sort of spamming takes me way back !  (boom tissssh!)


if you simply go to the correct link :

^^^ which simply has ‘web’ on the front

(you might want to pass this problem onto the web owners)

you will see “Save Page now” down on the right , that’s the link you are looking for.

“would have got a way with it too if it wasn’t for you meddling kids! “


How to Fix the Twitter App from crashing (with Plume) Instructions in steps.

The Twitter App is crashing for 1000’s (if not millions) of people around the world and Twitter Corp does not really seem to care, and haven’t told people why they updated the App.


How to fix it  (Steps in images)


 Step 1 -:

Write down your Twitter account email and Password if you don’t do this step you will ‘lose your account’ so you must have access to your log in and password.

Step 2 – :

(for Android) (lets face it iphone users don’t exist or count)

Go to Settings find ‘Apps’



 Step 3 -:

Click into ‘Apps’ Scroll down until you find the Twitter App.

(usually under downloaded Apps)

Click into it.


Step 4 – :

Click ‘Force stop’ then click ‘ uninstall’

(wait for that piece of shit to uninstall)



Step 5 – :

Find / go to the ‘Google Play Store’ App on your phone.en_badge_web_generic.png

Step 6 -:

Search for the ‘Plume’ App the symbol looks like this:



Step 7 – :

Open and log into ‘Plume’ with your Twitter log-in details that you remembered at step (1) and if you didn’t (or skipped that step) sucks to be you right now.


Summary – :

You’re back !

There will be a small advert on the bottom of the free version of this App.

After trying a few Twitter service apps ‘Plume’ is the best i have found so far and I wouldn’t hesitate to pay for the full version based on what I have seen so far.

If you pay for the full App, that advert (I expect) disappears.

This client/App has all the features (and some) of the Twitter corp App it gives you the ‘Twitter’ service.

if you don’t like that outcome, reinstall your non functional bloated Twitter corp App… then go run into busy traffic.

just to see what happens..

you know you want to….

you probably have super powers, just try it…


The ‘Twitter’ App is critically failing and closing for 1000’s of people across the world and Twitter doesn’t seem to care. i have a theory…



Welcome to ‘Twitter’ also welcome to Earth 2016…

You may or may not be aware that you are currently existing on a planet that is completely controlled by a monetary system which issues ‘debt instruments’ which the people (humans) use as replacements for their energy in the form of ‘goods and services’

essentially the planet / colony you exist on is an ‘energy extraction’ system..

this keeps humans pretty much ‘circle jerking’ on this colony…

Well, there’s a small boat made of china
It’s going nowhere on the mantlepiece
Well, do I lie like a loungeroom lizard
Or do I sing like a bird released?


how does all that  relate to ‘Twitter’ ?

Well if you are ‘old’ enough or even have a basic education in various types of post World War Two history, you may have noticed an interesting and funny pattern.

believe it or not the ‘Analog’ version of what is currently happening to Twitter (and other centralized ‘social media’)  all occurred in the former Soviet union….let me explain…

The ‘Soviet union’ was a microcosm for a test of a different type of human control system, this was broadly called ‘Communism’  so these two control systems then competed.

In that competition the strict  monetary energy extraction system was the ‘winning system’ for control because it allowed for a better illusion of ‘freedom.’

but as ‘Communism’ was dying the makers and builders of various ‘Analog’ applications i.e the ‘workers’ eventually destroyed the system from the inside because they simply saw no motivation for it to be alive.

The ‘Communist workers’ of the day would have related very much to this bumper sticker:



In many of the same ways centralized ‘Social media’ giants are slowly being pulled apart by their ‘workers’

To the point where we have an ‘App’ that supposedly has been in the market since 2006~ ‘Twitter’

and that App primarily just had the task to route text,  but it cannot perform that basic task..

and this after years of market exposure and feedback….


Once you understand that ‘Communism’ and ‘Capitalism’ are both an [inefficient] and [slightly more efficient] version of the same basic energy extraction system.

Then you will see that all these various ‘Social media’ constructs are just VC head job polished versions of real basic organic systems, systems that would have existed regardless of either configuration, but had to be ‘co-opted’ into one or the other ‘Control mechanism’

but along the circle jerk at a point the ‘Workers’ / ‘Developers’ become so inefficient that they just want the ‘pain to end’


Why does the pain Continue?

The only thing that is continuing the ‘pain’ is the ‘useless eaters’ that continue ‘checking in’ and never look for a basic alternative..

Somewhere in the back end mechanism of that financial VC circle jerk extraction system,  someone sent the message down the line to the Twitter ‘head job Founders’ and told them that they are no longer ‘Financially viable’ unless they ‘pull into line’.

Them ‘Pulling into line’ is the current piece of shit application that does not function in even a basic way to perform the thing that Nokia managed to master in the early 80’s…

The routing of text on a screen.

Summary; OK guys here’s what we gotta do !


Hear me out… we gotta build a time machine…. (forget the technical details we just need to build it!)

We gotta go back to Soviet Russia of he 80’s walk into a wheat field and pick 5 guys and a donkey…..

Then we just gotta get them to bang up a text service ‘App’ to replace ‘Twitter’ and finally ‘End the pain’ for the Twitter ‘developers’




Understanding Quantum ‘porting’ and consciousness.


Here is a quick link that lists some of the key factors regarding what you are about to read.

it is also the reason that this theory is the most probable theory as to why you are presently existing on this planet / colony.

Regardless how ‘outlandish’ or ‘unlikely’ in your mind it is,  this theory is the only one that fits all the parameters of logic with evidence and no ‘critical flaws.’ a flaw that simply can’t be explained or can simply and easily disprove the theory.

What follows in this document below is the most probable theory:

Also a big thank you to Elon Musk for the shout out here :

Elon Musk: Chance we are not living in a computer simulation is ‘one in billions’

If we aren’t stuck in a Matrix-style world, then the world is about to end, the SpaceX and Tesla CEO said:


However keep reading, this is a ‘Different’ sort of ‘simulation argument.’

Virtual Reality

VR (Virtual Reality) is getting pretty popular and has had a lot of advertisement lately.



However these ‘traditional’ VR devices are attached to the human body, realistically humans will never be ‘fully immersed’ into a ‘VR environment’ with body attachments onto our senses.

So what could the future of ‘VR’ (Virtual Reality) be evolving towards?

Well as you may or may not know there are many theoretical physicists, that already claim the conscious (or consciousness) is a separate entity to the ‘Body’.

here is one of the main stories related to that:

Has the human soul been found by science?



It is conceivable and probable that in the near future that humans will be able to  fully immerse in a ‘Virtual reality’ experiences by literally moving their consciousness to other ‘Cloned’ bodies and participating in ‘Virtual holidays’ or other ‘VR’ experiences which are to all intents and purposes ‘Real’

A lot of these concepts have been covered in many different ‘Sci-fi’ movies and books one recent one was in the TV series called ‘Dark Matter’


A Glimpse of future Holidays on Dark Matter TV Series?!A-Glimpse-of-future-Holidays-on-Dark-Matter-TV-Series/c11p3/56a3bf9a0cf2bfd5ccefb7b3

Also this concept was covered by ‘Science site’ :

Travel Via Clone: ‘Dark Matter’ Creator Talks SyFy’s Newest Series


The point of this theory is that humans are porting their ‘consciousness’ to another location (and body) instantly (faster than the speed of light) and having an experience in that body.

Then the memories of the experiences returned to them upon return to their original ‘body’

Of course another obvious example of this was ‘Avatar’ :


This concept by default instantly recognizes what is becoming a mathematical reality to humans.

That the ‘Consciousness’ or ‘Qsoul’ is a ‘separate’ entity to the ‘DNA physical body’

Supposing this original porting concept is achieved, it is easy to imagine (for variable reasons scientific and otherwise) why users  might want to port consciousness and have no residual memories on arrival.

like for example:

If everyone was taking a ‘clone holiday’ and everyone knew everyone else was a clone sure it would be interesting but, for many variable purposes (entertainment and otherwise) it would be feasible that users would want literally no memory on arrival or even ‘pseudo’ memories or a ‘false persona’

For some people this would be the ultimate  VR experience, with your persona memories returned to you on return and added to your original memories.

This was covered in the Philip K Dick novel:

‘We Can remember it For you Wholesale’


Which was later turned into the movie:

Total Recall



However all those scenarios involve entertainment..

However for advanced societies this technology (if realized) would solve many problems far beyond entertainment… think about it..

What about ‘Crime’ and a ‘prison system’?

What about ‘political or military prisoners of war’?

What about people that don’t kneel down to the all seeing corporate ‘galactic federation state’ and don’t pay their ‘tax’?

If an advanced society can port consciousness instantly to another body this would easily be a way to set up ‘Reformation planets’ and even research stations, advanced societies could literally ‘dump’ ‘qsouls’ (people’s consciousness) out to reformation or ‘prison’ colonies.

However with a bit more education me may now find out how they (the source society) could creatively use an interesting aspect of ‘Gravity’ and ‘Time’ …



(Keep reading it’s easy to understand, you will learn something profound)

So if you can (theoretically) port consciousness from one Human DNA container to another, that means it is a ‘quantum based effect’ and not ‘effected’ by ‘time’ in the 3D plane.

This ‘effect’ is the same as seen in the ‘Quantum entanglement’ test, where the change in the Q entangled particles is seen at ‘faster than light’ across the 3D plane. no matter the distance in the 3D plane, it could be ‘light years’

here is an inefficient video about that -:


^ This is the simplest human Video can find at the moment, the key point to remember is that the ridiculous theory that there was ‘hidden information’ was disproved and most of the resistance to the theory came about by human ‘science’ not being able to accept that something was effected and observed at  ‘faster than light’ in the 3D plane.

it is, it’s a fact. and now widely / universally accepted on his planet by ‘human science.’

If you want to see a video where a guy stands there and grudgingly states that ‘human science’ admits Q states move faster than light here is that video from June 1st 2016:


but back to the point:

So in theory a ‘consciousness’ or ‘Qsoul’ can be ported at ‘faster than light’ but anything existing in the 3D universe (i.e a human body) IS effected by Time and especially in relation to Gravity.

lets explain that in plain English:

Remember the movie Interstellar ?


If you will remember there is a scene where the humans are on a planet it was a water planet near a large black hole

it was called the ‘Miller planet’ or the ‘Water Planet’

The Miller Planet


Because of the gravitational force of the large black hole when the humans were on the Miller Planet for every 1 ‘Hour’ spent on that planet a full 7 ‘years’ passed by on Earth.

Here is a general explanation of that effect:
and here is an ‘Authority figure’ you will recognize telling you that the effect is real:
So because the humans were near a large gravitational source  every 1 ‘hour’ that the humans spent on the Miller planet, equated to 7 ‘years’ that had gone by on Earth.


Now Lets look at exactly the same effect but in relation to a Galaxy:


The exact same effect could be realized, the center of a Galaxy is a center of gravitational force, an thus time will be perceived to move ‘slower’ closer in towards the center of the galaxy, and out towards the  edge time for the observer would ‘rush on by’

Now lets imagine that an advanced humanoid society is established much closer in to the center of the galaxy.

lets imagine for arguments sake that it is roughly at a position where the left hand bar is as explained in this next image:


So you can see that there is roughly 35 to 40 thousand light ‘years’ between the advanced humanoid society and where Earth is placed.

Lets say for arguments sake that this gravity effect means that for every 1 ‘Hour’ that rolls by at the source society 1 ‘Year’ rolls by out at the Earth location.


1 ‘Hour’ that goes by there is about 1 ‘Year’ out at the position of Earth.

In theory that source society  would  be able to take advantage of ‘time differentials’  or ‘gravitational time dilation’, exactly the ‘effect’ that was seen in Interstellar.


So lets look at how they could take advantage of this:

lets say for whatever reason (war or other) the advanced source society has a potentially large prison population, if it were to set up a ‘reformation colony’ much further out on the arm of the galaxy.

This society in theory could instantly port ‘Qsouls’ (consciousnesses) out to this ‘prison colony’.

They could upload and wipe their memory before porting them:

So (In theory) they would lay their ‘original body’ into a type of ‘chamber’ this would fully preserve and maintain the body for the relatively short time it will be unconscious at the source.

Then their conscious would be instantly ported to the destination much further out on the edge of the galaxy.

It is quite possible that these chambers could look similar to as follows:

‘Minority Report’



‘The Matrix’


BUT remember the time differential :

1 hour at the source is 1 year at the destination.

So one month in a chamber like that would equate to about 730 YEARS out at the colony.

The ‘prisoners’ would come back literally different people.

This would be a boon for a society that had a large prison population, they could port them on various sentences of 100 to 1000’s of ‘years.’ and it might be just weeks or months that go by (at the source) to have them return as literally ‘different people’


But of course you’d need to fill in the details:


I mean this would all be a long way in the future..

The details that would need to be filled in:

  • You would want the colony to be far out on the edge of the Galaxy. (to take advantage of the time differential)


  • You would have to make sure that at the destination or ‘Reformation colony’ that, there were ‘limited boundaries’ that is to say that the society is free to develop as it would but not to say wreak havoc on any neighbors. (that would be illegal dumping) assuming the source society even cares, if they are the ’empire’ or corporation ruling that Galaxy they may not even care.


  • Basically you would have to set up a society / colony  (to a point) and have people to oversee it such that the inmates couldn’t really leave easily, otherwise I’m sure as it happened in the past, if technology developed in such a way that they leave and ‘seriously’ try to conquer the nearby part of the outer galaxy.


  • Perhaps it would be necessary to put a mild or strong (that one could vary) plasma field around the colony such that space travel would be a little more difficult (at least in the early development stages)


  • It would also be helpful if you could control various forms of technology, and also have a social system that promotes aspects not really related to ‘leaving the planet’ (individually anyhow, in a controlled society manner that would be ok)


  • basically you don’t want individuals pursuing ‘space travel’ or technology that will lead to them leaving the colony (unless they are of the ‘maturity’ to do so.)


Oh and at a point Clones would be expensive and ineffective:

What about if it was discovered that if a consciousness port ‘Went wrong’ at the end the clone Qsoul didn’t return but just stayed ‘non psychical’ (as a quantum conscious) in the local, (as they are still fully consciously aware of what to do)  and then just occupied a ‘new born’ (on the colony) if and when one generally matched up.

When you think logically about that, that is the more ‘natural science’ method, why go to the trouble of forcing something when ‘nature’ will do it for you?

likewise if the inmates ‘died’ on the Colony (i.e lost their DNA container) and the sentence was not finished the inmates would need to just reoccupy a new DNA container and be ‘Born again’ until they have met the requirements of the sentence.

Once the previously agreed to requirements were met the Q portal back to the original unconscious body in the chamber would be rendered ‘Returnable’ and in the next ‘recycle’ the ‘inmate’ could return.

Upon which he/she would be returned all his/her original memories.

It is also probable that they would be returned partial or total memories of the possible 100’s of ‘years’ of ‘life’ on the reformation colony.

A ‘realist’ view might say any IP (intellectual property) of the inmates ‘lives’ on the colony may be given up to the state or corp that runs the center who knows??


All the source society  would have to do is ‘kick off’ a reformation colony, set up the society to the parameters to keep the ‘inmates/researchers’ there, then as they breed… keep sending new ported consciousness’s (Qsouls) and these people would just take the new human containers, until they have finished their sentence or holiday or whatever…..

It is completely possible (actually based on the evidence probable) that the original ‘starters’ of theses types of colonies were in most of cases clones of original scientists or original inmates.

One Common Ancestor Behind Blue Eyes

The Return process would (in theory) be based on ‘encryption’ where by once the portal to the original source re-opens the person can go back, this might be based on a number of varying (pre-agreed to) vectors. (and not just based on Time)



The only thing that would be unusual with this theory is as the colony advanced and older religious myths died out,  how would the ‘managers’ explain the significant lack of contact with anyone else?

I mean after a point surely the inmates / researchers would start to study these concepts of Quantum mechanics and start to work it all out?

what then?

Human Configuration System.


System is unfinished : V 1.0

These are preliminary PDF’s (they will be updated along with the version)

LAST UPDATE 01-05-16


 An essential introduction:

Contact me here:

By simply signing up and posting a question.


Who am I?

I am the designer of this particular simple (yet complex)  human configuration system.

The configuration system will be posted in a title called ‘system’ at the top of the page.

Please come to  and ask me any more questions.

Please review The human configuration system under the ‘system’ heading and assess it as you will.

The aim of the system is to create a new configuration system to allow the advancement of  this colony and further advance this sector and in a small (or variable) way this universe.

The system is ‘freedom’ based energy neutral system,that allows for efficient decentralization  all i would say is have a look at it, give me feedback.


Or download the PDF and read it in your own time.




Guy 18 UK makes contact with device, he gets directed to my AMA for help..

Here is my AMA (ask me anything)

Here is the account of where and how a guy in the UK made contact as a result of my AMA:


You will see the Intel guys on Reddit trying to bury this:


Why did “Science Journalist” Stephen Luntz Try to convince a bunch of people that FRBs are Microwave ovens?

On 10th of April 2015 –

Stephen Luntz wrote this story for a site called “IFL Science !”


The hilarious part about that title is that it is a complete deception.

however I guess the common trend for people in 2015 is to read a headline but not the story..

Well if you venture into the story you will see “microwave ovens” mentioned a lot of times, but then we find this:

fallacy1So you can see the Title of the story is actually a complete deception, and implies that FRBs are from “Microwave ovens”

But a small part of the content actually proved that the Key FRB 010724  is a real FRB and from space.

Which sets the Key for the pattern:

frbtable_div_redThe Article proves this is a real FRB from space and from our neighbors in space and is not a “microwave oven”

it solve no mystery except if you think this FRB is not from space.

Here is Stephen Luntz Twitter – :


sluntzFeel free to tweet the guy and ask him why he tried to deceive a bunch of people.

And to that point, in the case of real and fake “Facebook” users he at least partially succeeded :

if_FBlYou have to ask your self why someone went to this trouble to misinform humanity on this issue?

The Fast Radio Bursts earth is receiving are real and from out of space, and they are from our neighbors to tell us we are not alone.


Help solve the non earth based FRB code – and identify disinformation.

To learn more about the Fast Radio Bursts :

Explaining the Fast Radio Bursts, what you need to know (in pictures)

Earth is receiving millisecond bursts of radio information here is what we know so far:

  • The signal from the radio wave burst was more than 20 percent circularly polarised and it suggests that there is a magnetic field in the vicinity.
  • The live recorded burst could have hurled out as much energy in a few milliseconds as the Sun does in an entire day (later quoted as month)
  • FRBs did not contain light in other wavelengths this eliminates a number of astronomical phenomena that are associated with violent events such as gamma-ray bursts from exploding stars and supernovae, which were otherwise candidates for the burst.

Now that alone does not fit anything humanity knows about that naturally exists in the universe.

Then researchers produced a document outlining a mathematical pattern found in the DM or ‘Dispersion Rate’ of the Signals.

This is basically a way to usually measure the distance the signal has traveled.

Here is the table of the 11 FRB that were found and I have highlighted the Dispersion Measurement.


frbtableNow what the researchers found was that these DM numbers are all multiples of the number 187.5

here I will “solve” them an update the picture:

frbtable_divAs you can see {375 / 2} = 187.5 and {562.5 / 3} = 187.5 and so on…

the divided multiples are {2, 3 ,4, 5, 6, 9}  and this gets the answer 187.5

What’s missing from the data, what should you be emailing people and asking?

There is no time-stamp, it has been said that these FRBs arrived on or very near the whole integer second in UTC time:

frbtable_dateWhy is there no information on the UTC time stamp?

Update Dates arrived (looking for possible pattern)

the FRB Number is a YY – MM – DD time stamp –

I have ordered them below in date of arrival earliest to latest:

Year 2001 bursts  multiple pattern {4,2,4}

01-06-21  Parkes 750 Keane & Stappers (2012) 4
01-07-24  Parkes 375 Lorimer et al (2007) 2
01-10-25  Parkes 750 Burke-Spolaor & Bannister (2014) 4

Year 2011 bursts  multiple number {5,4,6}

11-02-20  Parkes 937.5 Thornton et al. (2013) 5
11-06-27  Parkes 750 Thornton et al. (2013) 4
11-07-03  Parkes 1125 Thornton et al. (2013) 6

Year 2012 bursts  multiple number {3,9,3}

12-01-27  Parkes {562.5} Thornton et al (2013) 3
12-10-02  Parkes {1687.5} Thornton (2013) 9
12-11-02  Arecibo {562.5} Spitler et al. (2014) 3

Year 2013 bursts  multiple number {4}

13-11-04  Parkes {750} Ravi et al. (2015) 4

Year 2014 bursts  multiple number {3}

14-05-14  Parkes {562.5} Petroff et al (2015) 3

multiple , numbers from date arrived :


My guess is that 187.5 is close to the “normal” dispersion distance that tells us where the signal is being transmitted from in distance.

however there will be much more to this signal, including possibly binary code – but without the timestamps we can’t proceed much further.

Lets predict the future of disinformation

soon Prof. Dr. Michael Kramer

KramerWill release a document stating that there are 5 new FRBs that do not fit the pattern, I would ask everyone to look carefully at the dates of these FRBs and the other information surrounding them, i expect the document will focus on the pattern relationship and try to debunk the pattern found in the original document.

we can only wait and see but if you are careful at observing how disinformation works you will see how the focus of the FRB in every news story is all around the pattern only, here is a good example:

Let me show you how disinformation works and hopefully help people understand and spot it.

Alien FAQ: 6 questions about strange cosmic radio bursts

  • Title mentions “Aliens” to grab attention.
  • Then the story explains that there could be natural explanations however they include some errors:

“Also, if two white dwarf stars – the kind of dead sphere our sun will turn into in a few billion years – crash into each other, they explode in a supernova. That blast could release a fast radio burst.”

that is incorrect based on the known information.

  • Then the focus on the Pattern:

“scientists estimate that 10,000 bursts happen every day.”

  • But make out they are happening every day of the week, also don’t define what an FRB is in the definition of the 11 collected, i.e speed polarization, time-stamp energy etc, so basically use a lose definition of an FRB to make it seem like they are happening all the time.
  • Then there is this doozy !

“Either these new bursts will fit within the same pattern, adding to the eeriness, or they won’t. If not, case closed.”

This basically implies that if any new data doesn’t fit the existing FRB pattern it’s “case closed” on the FRB saga ha ha – don’t mind that you didn’t define what an “FRB” is or that the 11 found have the pattern.

but if any new data comes in that doesn’t fit this pattern then “case closed” it deletes the pattern and we can forget about that pattern and we should do no further investigation? ha ha

That my friends is class A ( or class D) disinformation right there –

and this is in preparation of the report that Prof. Dr. Michael Kramer will produce saying that “uh oh” looks like the FRB were made out of Chicken skin and dough after all !

He will basically “Debunk” the original pattern and say that the 5 new FRBs prove that the pattern is fake, not focusing on any of the aspects i have outlined here.

If you want to help here are Emails where you can reach people for more information:

Prof. Dr. Michael Kramer

Duncan Lorimer

CSIRO Parkes Observatory

Parks Observatory Blog

tweet CSIRO here


Explaining the Fast Radio Bursts, what you need to know (in pictures)

I will attempt to explain with pictures the important aspects of the ‘Fast Radio Bursts’ FRBs that the Earth is receiving from an unknown non earth advanced intelligent entity(s).

I’ll explain why if you add all the aspect to the equation this is a near 100% probability of being a message from our neighbors in the galaxy(s)

(I’m just a humble decentralized economist that studies crypto currency and human behavior so if i get something wildly wrong feel free to correct me.)

What is a (FRB) Fast Radio Burst ?

An FRB is like someone flashing a flash light in the dark  at a distance.


So researchers and scientists have discovered 11 of these bursts so far and just recently they recorded a live burst, all the others where recorded in data on the receivers,  they had received in the past but upon discovering a pattern (and the recent live burst) they were able to go back and find the rest, kind of like knowing what to look for once you have a picture.

Ok so fast bursts of radio energy from space lets see what is unusual about them.

What is Dispersion Measurement (DM)? what does it measure?

Let go back to a picture -:


The important things DM or “Break apart” measures.

#1 DM and Distance.

FRB_DM_distance#2 DM and density of space from source to signal.


Now amazingly the researchers found that when they measured the “Break apart”  distance from the first higher frequency to the last lower frequencies of all 11 of the signals they have found so far,  all of them were a multiple of the number 187.5.

Let me quote the PDF Abstract and translate it:


Here is the report :

Explaining the “break apart” measurement of the 11 bursts.


Almost 100% probability of an intelligent non earth based signal.

The probability of that the DM always being a multiple of the number 187.5 just as a random natural occurrence is around:

5 : 10,000

however that is just a narrow definition of probability (as we will explain) if you add to that equation other information (which i will include here) there is a much much lower probability that this is a “natural occurrence”

i.e it is almost a 100% (lets call it 99%) probability someone outside earth and non earth based is sending us a message, and “human science” and “Human society” is failing you right now, in real time.

A lower probability than 5 : 10,000

We need to add these aspects to the Mathematical pattern:

  • The recording devices of that burst did not see light in other wavelengths which eliminates a number of astronomical phenomena that are associated with violent events such as gamma-ray bursts from exploding stars and supernovae.
  • The FRBs arrived on or close to on a full integer Second in UTC earth time.
  • The signal from the radio wave burst was more than 20 percent circularly polarised and it suggests that there is a magnetic field in the vicinity.

source –

WAIT what about if I’m still living in the 1700’s and i just have to believe that we are alone in the universe?

do i have options? i mean “there’s just not enough evidence”

you do! Grab a soda pop and some GMO corn-chips, switch on the TV, there is always options…

Other possible alternatives:

#1 the Magical Mathematical Neutron Star.


#2 The evenly spaced random non intelligent objects


So what’s it all mean?

Here is a image of what i believe is occurring:


But that’s just the beginning of the message – there is no doubt code all though this signal – however for some reason no one seems to be talking about it?

Let’s face it kids, These people know our distance they know everything about us, if  there was not already order, “peace and advancement” in our part of the universe we would already be either:

1. Dead

2. Knowing (or unknowing) Slaves.

The fact is we are the primitives, we can’t use logic very well..if we believe that a race that can produce these customized signals and have in the abundance of space almost anything they want would find anything we have of vital importance to them to the degree that they would need to come here and “take it”.

That’s our faulty thinking.

And for the thinking people lets go a step further:

The 7 billion people on this single planet, is there a possible value here in us as a workforce etc?

Well not really most processes (if you can think logically)  can be automated at a certain level of advancement.

Well what about “human creativity” could that have value?

Yes indeed it could, but that would only be valuable if shared amongst friends, you can’t “force” someone to cognitively create something.


*I will use a separate Blog post to especially cover the disinformation and silence around this event from our so called “human representatives”, “peers” and “authority figures” I’ll also outline how you can help solve this signal for humanity.


Pattern of Silence by so called “Human” representatives on off planet radio bursts?

Earth has received 11 Fast high powered radio bursts in a mathematical pattern and…

“Government” and “Main Stream” are not talking about it & people are actually trying to “debunk” it?

The Facts so far:

Please find the Report here:


  • There has been 11 detected Fast Radio bursts (including the most recent and “live” one)
  • Each burst has the equivalent to more power than our sun puts out in one month.
  • they only last milliseconds
  • When the dispersion is measured from the high frequency to the low frequency of the same burst the researchers found that the dispersion distance is always an integer multiple of a single number: “187.5”
  • this basically means that this burst was designed to disperse this way.
  • the only other “best” debunk answer is that there is some very very very infinitely small probability that some “natural” event can cause multiple bursts at spaces evenly spaces around the universe (which implies not a natural event anyhow)
  • Michael Hippke of the Institute for Data Analysis in Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany, and John Learned at the University of Hawaii in Manoa claim there is a 5 in 10,000 probability that the line-up is coincidence. “If the pattern is real,” says Learned, “it is very, very hard to explain.” – source.

  • And the probability number may not include ETA and other data. (feel free to correct me)


earth is receiving mathematically spaced high powered radio busts from space, that might have a lot more information encoded into them.


not only is it not being reported in any “Main stream news” (expected)

(please if you have found this on the front page of your local or major city news paper, please link and correct me)

but no official announcement by any government official yet about this?

(no president on a podium? no band or marching? , no streamers?)

think about that fellow humans…..

Is there an official announcement from NASA or other Government “science” organization on this?

here is some information from 2013 :

Radio Bursts Discovered From Beyond our Galaxy

But since the Mathematical pattern has been found/confirmed we seem to be hearing crickets from NASA??

(i guess they are too busy “discovering” water on Mars hey?)

maybe NASA, Governments, and all the “main stream media” don’t think the mathematical pattern is important?

but … you know what, I think i see a pattern developing here.

Now check this out:

Weird semi disinformation (in my opinion) sites with “edgy” and “hip” names like “GIZMODO”

are actually trying to “debunk” the radio burst?

check it out:

An Alien Radio Beacon? Probably Not This Time.

“probably not this time” based on??

here is a picture of the Author of that story:zdmmuilu8px0saeygc5k

Not to be confused with this guy:


The Author name is listed as “Maddie Stone” (love the purple hair Maddie!)  I searched for the Twitter

here it is :

feel free to drop her a Tweet and ask her based on what scientific information are these radio bursts that have been determined to be off planet by multiple scientific agencies including JPL and NASA in 2013, and are at a mathematical dispersion pattern “probably not” from another Intelligent life from.

I’m going to do that right now and i’ll post here the answer:

Here are my questions:

twitterPattern of Silence by so called “Human” representatives?

Personally I’m not sure about you the reader, but I don’t need a mathematical radio burst from off planet to see the patterns of silence here.

I was going to get that last 10 front pages of the newspapers to represent this but I risk making some readers sick, the fact is are these people your representatives? do you feel represented?

do you think silence like this is representative of humanity?

if you don’t we have to all ask ourselves why?

why would no so called “human representative” be interested in this amazing and earth changing information?

that’s the question you need to ask yourself.