Milton Friedman predicted crypto currency in 1999 the NSA had a design built in 1996 and the rest is history.

1. This is amazing – also Milton Friedmans K-percent rule explained how that system should be used by government . –

What an amazing man, his memory shall forever be stamped on human history.

2. I just read the NSA document – Of 1996.

I can confirm for newer users that it accurately describes the current Cryptocurrency protocol from a 1996 perspective.

This is enough evidence for me to confirm (my own opinion):

That Crypto is an NSA funded design, but people from the NSA or Google (there would be a large crossover of employees) “acted alone” and built and released the design, which was all in all a collaboration.

Then after the fact, the key financial institutions that have primary political control over  the Government. (Probably about 8 months from release) noticed the entity and then, associated agencies including the NSA, but more importantly the FBI, CIA and SS, were “assigned” to the the “case” of Crpytocurrency.

which then easily accurately explains the rest of the crypto history up until this point.

The take away point and moral of the story?

The NSA public image problem.

The NSA would have been functioning and meeting its primary objectives in 1996 (as the document proves), it actually kind of amuses me after a point to see some of the the mindless NSA bashing occurring but lets do something simple and analyze the name :

National Security Agency –

That is to say to look after the security of the nation.

Well in 1996 when the “National Security Agency” funded that document, they get 100% points for doing the job as the document clearly describes a decentralized payment system, one that frees the Nation from the occupation of Banks issuing currency as debt, so here is a time to be proud of that institution if you are a Citizen of the Nation that it was helping to Secure.

however, obviously there has been extensive overreach and crossover of political power in many institutions since that time, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge of human history since 1996.

So its fair to say that partly the NSA now has an image imbalance because it now has its “bad side” exposed , but has to keep its good side secret. ( of course).

another point towards the inevitable open intelligence system that will prevail in the future.

but open intelligence can not occur until the “human energy token” issuing power is decentralized under general neutral control principals.


if you are a citizen of that Nation hop in your time machine and go back to 1996 and shake the hand of anyone you can meet in the NSA for doing their job and helping secure your nation.

but don’t expect to ever hear that natural and warranted credit on Television, and what can you derive from that?



    1. yes – good question, my personal take – is “Satoshi Nakamoto” was no one or either just a composite of the devs initals like {SA TO SH “i” NA KA MO TO} – its not one person that codes a Crypto protocol, it would be a small team, likely innovative Google devs, Jim Rickards made an off hand statment to that effect – he’s close to people in the DOD. that’s good enough for me.

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