Explanation of “Internet of things” Corporate code, Why its used, What it means

“The Internet of things”

The corporate code words being used by many Corporations lately is the “Internet of things”.

Here are some examples:

“Davos: Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer says Internet of Things will create ‘tipping point'”


“The CEO of Dutch electronics and health-care firm Philips has told CNBC that the “internet of things” provides exciting opportunities for his company.”


Intel talking about the Quark processor :


“Intel® Quark technology is designed for applications where lower power and size take priority over higher performance. Products derived from the Intel Quark processor family will develop innovative solutions for ubiquitous computing markets and the Internet of Things, from automotive to industrial to wearables.”

“With the addition of the Intel Quark SoC X1000, Intel’s enhanced product portfolio will bring integrated, scalable products from the device to the cloud, driving data acquisition and analysis to unleash the value in the Internet of Things.

Well friends and investors of Quark you are right bang in the middle of the “Internet of Things” , we are at the cutting edge – all this means of course is “Decentralization” and it is warranted that corporations are taking notice , Quark as an entity is a DAC:

a D)ecentralized A)utonomous C)orporation

this does not mean we can not work in the future with traditional centralized corporation as they have many benefits and  advantages also, the phrase the “Internet of things” is used in lieu of a word that has traditionally had a negative connotation “decentralization”  of course this is negative to the centralized information network that presents it.

However the take away point here is that as an early investor in the “Internet of things” you have a chance to be apart of the Quark DAC and potentially see the benefits and rewards of the future merger of DAC’s and traditional Corporations.

Quark has the cPoW algorithm that is showing very good resistance to centralization and the probably permanent solution for PoW, this means that Quark is both a first of a first and has and will stand the test of time in a fast moving environment.

Then apart from the core Quark structures we have the  infinite possibilities of peripheral markets which as you can see if you look at the market are becoming quite popular, Quark has a significant advantage, because we can leverage the natural open systems advantages of a DAC.

All this and its around 5c right now, because Quark is caught up in the flood of the alternatives at the birth of the “Internet of things”, but I have a keen eye on this whole market Quark is clearly the leader, from both an economic , distribution , Algorithm and first mover advantage.

So perhaps we can look into the future where we live in the “Internet of things” and see a Quark symbol, while we pay for a Yahoo product with QRK on a wearable device using a Quark processor.


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