“Buy silver” or hope for World War 3, and Crypto options for people that have never invested.


Hi my name is Kolin Evans I’m in my 30’s.

my “investment experience” you might say started in the early 2000’s I’ve had zero formal economic education and  apart form a keen interesting in politics, economics and later sociology and other things, my education on any such matters were nearly zero.

But i have to mention as a part of this writing to anyone that manages to stumble upon it about my own similar experience.

It started like this:

Early 2000’s I was just browsing what was the Internet back then and I happened to stumbled upon a single page HTML site,  the web-page was essentially just a single page, that old familiar style HTML with prime colour etc, it looked disorganized and a little crazy, I don’t even to this day remember the author to credit, (but i’m sure he is doing fine) as i will explain, all I remember clearly was the message:

Buy silver.

At that time silver was I believe around $2.90 the website was basically laying out the costs to produce silver at that time compared to the price, a pretty simple analysis, just basically saying that at the present price silver was not even priced to justify the economic cost of pulling it out of the ground essentially, the author did not get into economic bubbles or any of that just simply ending with words similar to ” I’m just buying silver whenever I can”.

Well the rest of course is history, and depending on when that Gent exited his position  (maybe he still has not)   he is doing well on that investment right now no doubt. (by the way he had be buying under that price also)

Well needless to say we did buy some silver, but due both probably to my aversion to slavery and my terrible formal education it really meant that I could never get exposure in the volume or numbers to really make such an investment a meaningful event, I gave lot of advice and must have sounded like the kooky relative or sibling, (some of that advice was sound and regrettably ignored)

Moving forward when I  discovered Bitcoin it was $4 and then is quickly moved to $47, you could call me a “veteran ” of this fast moving industry without being a “insider” or “early adopter” I saw LTC in the single dollars and was around for the FTC listing on BTCe  all now historical events, we have done ok with all crypto currency I’m not going to say that’s not the case, but again always the problem was about general “working capital” as it might seem to any and all small investors or workers, money seems to make money>

So with all this in mind here is my HTML “crazy sounding”  “Silver” document explaining why I believe right now anyone , literally anyone, has the chance to benefit greatly from the knowledge I have gained over the years, just as i did that day i’d say listen to the evidence and make your decision based on that.


Which single nation is the most important nation in the world for you right now?


Of course investing is risky, and we are told that investing in things is complex, and in real actual fact the world has moved towards “money makes money” right?

Well every now and again in history, large and some would term “cataclysmic re-balances” occur, at these times there are opportunities that exist where they never possibly existed before.

So what I’d like to do today is lay out one such possible opportunity and leave it here and be judged on it in the future.

but I’m not going to just say  “Buy this” etc, I want to explain some things that maybe everyone will be able to understand, even if you have never invested before in anything.

how i want to explain this is to add a new perspective to old information, and tell you something as a small or tiny potential investor that most of the “elites” already know and take for common knowledge.

then i’d like to lay out the general options that one has moving forward, so right now I’m talking to not institutional investors i’m talking to you if you work and pay tax like every “normal” person that is seeing his or her wealth dissipate in the “new economic normal”


First i have to show you reality.


Most people (read nation states) in the world do not believe that the USD is a future viable Reserve currency, this is common knowledge , the outstanding amount owed to the rest of the world on USD bonds is essentially not payable, all that means is that the USA writes and IOU a bond is just a fancy piece of paper saying  “IOU this much” when its issued its transfered for wealth and the IOU is meant to be paid back in the future.

so the rest of the worlds nations want to be paid back at some point in a fixed determined future, and most believe they won’t be, which presents some what of a problem.


Back to you :


how does this effect you ?

Well you might have noticed some food and energy inflation, have you noticed that when you are paid the money the USD (or other currency) you receive is buying you less and less “things”?

What occurs normally is that the USA seeks to “export” inflation, basically they get other nations to take on US Bonds (IOUs) and this means in simple terms that you don’t see that inflation at home.

I’m here to tell you that for most of the nations of the world that “solution” has run its course, i.e its has expired, its not seen as viable for most of them any longer.

It took me oh about 30 seconds to find this video :

here is Jim Rickard, explaining how China and Russia are buying Gold and other things, A good video, it runs around 11 minutes of your time :

Please notice what Jim says about Hedge fund managers and “elites” gaining advantages in these times.



Summary :

What’s the common knowledge that “Elites” know?


The reality is that there is one nation primarily that will determine your future if you are either a Working Citizen and receiving USD as payment or have any saving in USD , and to a lesser degree most other currencies around the world, so if you are working and being paid in government money this single nation can and will effect you in the future.

Let me guess you think its:


China ?

The United States of America?

nope,  let me introduce you to Japan:


It would be worth while to read the above article and then i will explain and perhaps connect some dots simply and in simple language.


I’m here to tell you about the common knowledge;  and that is that a large part of the economic community (nation states) , has in fact stopped purchasing US bonds, and they have switched generally to Gold.

Both The Russian Federation and China are not actively selling Treasury bonds (at this stage) rather they are just not purchasing any more, they are shifting reserves to Gold and other hard assets.

and which nation is the last USD bag holder?

“let me introduce you to Japan:”

This means that if the Japanese economy can not take the effective strain of being the last USD bag-holder.  your USD saving are going to be wiped out.

What I’m trying to re-enforce here is that the game that the end of started in 2009 is at essentially its last “bag-holder” and this is causing certain strain on that economy (see the business insider article)

Nation states Buy gold to protect themselves, and you can do that also, but, I can say with a certain amount of surety  that net “wealth” will flow to these three assets classes:

  • Gold
  • Land (hard assets)
  • Crypto currency

We all know Gold is going to see a rise in this case, and land is not really a “crisis” option for an average working person, so is Crypto currency ? and what are the % going to be in a case such as this?

some Crypto currency is trading for just pennies on the dollar , Quark is currently 3c, Bill Still was quoted as saying that Quark could be an “ark in a time of economic upheaval”

here is why its a very good statement, Crypto currency such as Quark and Bitcoin  have a super national and super fungible properties, they are essentially the perfect “crisis” vehicle, but in an event of which we are talking about  we are talking about the worlds wealth caught up in USD essentially literally Trillions of “Dollars”.

when the inflation comes back the the point of issuer of the USD, it will have to be “revalued”  basically when the USD stops being a “Reserve” currency and starts to be a local currency, it will have to be “Canceled” and reissued.

in this cancellation and re-issuance most of the worlds wealth that is still caught up in that paper will be lost, more accurately,  transfered somewhere.

Japan is the last primary nation the world that is stopping this from happening right now., and the pressure on them is causing some zany and crazy economic effects.

so for cents on the dollar, I’m telling you a working person about a Crypto currency that can’t be printed “just like gold”  and is super fungible with a worldwide distributed decentralized network, which included China and the BRICs nations.

As i write this you can:

buy about 10,000 QRK for around  $249 US Dollars.


5,000 QRK for obviously around $100 USD 

at this entry point my hope is that even if you have never invested in anything before in your life, but are not seeking a “quick buck” you might be able to hold this asset and explore a possible wealth transfer unto which humanity may have never before witnessed on this global scale.

I will let that stand as history and remind readers to keep an eye on the nation of Japan, because the hard end of this “crisis” started in 2008-09 at that time the world was buying USD bonds, and the news about this document is today most are buying Gold, Japan and some other (less important globally)  being the exception.

The world correctly has two options:

1. World War Three

2. Wealth transfer

if you are only holding USD and will never hold any other asset, you should hope for World War 3.


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