An interesting thing happened on the way to proving that decentralized free market distribution can find price stability.

what we found was ;

you just need to let the free market work.


let me introduce you to Coin market Cap :


This is one of the leading sites for crypto capitalization lets analyze some data from there – :


To the right side of each currency listed in the above link is a graph this is the graph that can and will show market price stability comparisons to Bitcon and the USD.

Bitcoin is not and never will be the stable money we are trying to gauge against if we are looking for any sort of stable reference, (for the moment) the USD works here for our purposes.

now lets look at the data – :

follow the link below and select “180 Day”

Bitcoin X USD (gold line) – Click to enlarge



now lets look at :

Litecoin X USD (gold line) – Click to enlarge



then lets have a look at :

Quark X USD (gold line) – Click to enlarge


Notice anything?




I keep explaining it and education and information are both on our side , but “Mining control” effective mining monopoly equals price control, and price control means that the free market can not operate – this means that some currencies can not be effectively “valued” and they are likely vastly overpriced (which could partly agree with some other economic analysts that have commented on the matter.)

however this does not mean that crypto currency has no intrinsic value, of course it does, but it rather means that there are a different set of decentralized economic rules that have to be adhered to; and PoW distribution matters, time matters and so does mining monopoly.


Although the data is only from a short period since inception lets contrast that with other long distribution mining currencies like Bitcoin etc (remember Quark is only one year old)

I will be interested to see how volume and price stability continue into the future, however the charts look encouraging because Quark has had in terms of its units number; massive volume in that  single year since inception as compared to say; Bitcoin in its first year.

So the data is worth looking at in the future, but it would seem that the superior market forces (allowed by its design) have allowed Quark to become one of the most stable if not the most stable cryptocurrency to exist – it’s achieved this by being free of all and any mining monopoly and thus being free of effective price manipulation through both full distribution and  its superior Proof of Work algorithm.

Trending stable systems are the best investment for a cost price average, and this (and systems like it) are ones to look at into the future.



Kolin Evans.


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