So the Japanese train wreck finally pulled in to the station….

Alternative title:

“Two GDP figures walk into a karaoke bar…”

he's fine !

Job Opportunities? really though, he’s fine !

Update :

A while back I wrote a long winded blog (see below) (this will be much shorter) explaining why this was happening the summary of which is:

Japan is a Fiat “Reserve currency” bag-holder economy and with that “fiat system” (the Fiat Paper money system) continuing to get zany and crazy (possibly leading to the humorous end of the world)..

With that irrational “every thing is fine guyz” insanity, So would go the Japanese economic situation as they continue to redefine “Zany and Crazy Reserve currency bag-holder. “

I will add:

Then they (the Japaneses people collectively)  will probably get shuffled off into some sort of regional conflict with say, oh, China (because War is always the answer! )

Then I summarized with:

Buy Silver or Gold, if you are not a “Wealthy” person Buy Quality Crypto currency, obviously i told you that is Quark, ( challenge me on this I love it )

Quark is one of the only Crypto that is not price manipulated and thus is the best investment (in crypto) (if you can’t get Gold) for the “wrecked zany end of the world paper economy.” scenario.


Because you are running off to work each day and you are going to be increasingly paid for that work in this zany money – The Japanese citizens are on the front line right now, you are next.

but hey Quark crypto currency is waaay down so its a bad investment right?

(thanks for Reading) (and enjoy your lower standard of living) here’s some Graphs – :

GPD from +6.1 to -6.8, That’s normal !

Japanese GDP is the roller-coaster ride that you already puked in, now you’re just rolling around  in your own puke, (your girlfriend bailed out months ago) (she was a base jumper) (coincidence?)

hey its not THAT bad - it just looks that way....

If you don’t find this Graph bullish you are just a negative Nancy, (probably just cancel that loan on the sushi/karaoke Bar you were planning on opening. )

2014 is Blue - 1997 is Red , any Questions?

(2014 Blue) (1997 Red) Hey but graphs can say anything!  its all about faith and leverage.

I can’t guarantee you this, but if you are in paper or are getting paid in paper money you are on a long term (or not so long-term) train to “Standard of living Rationalization”


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