Question for Karen Hudes re neutral control of Gold.

Question for Karen Hudes re neutral control of Gold.


Neutral control .

first off you are probably wondering what the hell I’m talking about re “Neutral Control” it is a definition and principal that I’m still working on defining but at its most simple it is this:

with the advent of a digital public ledger, humanity has a chance for there to be no one entity or trust in control of  the “ongoing mechanics of issuance” of “money”

I can link to the full “Theory” here at a later date , but really what it defines is the ability of the application that allows for Milton Freedman’s K-percent rule to function,  with no “human interference” :


Particularly just focusing on the  :

“Under this rule, there would be no leeway for the central reserve bank as money supply increases could be determined “by a computer” and business could anticipate all monetary policy decisions.[1][2]”

So I’m basically saying that the digital public ledger system is “that computer”  but this does not mean neutral control principal applies to all crypto currency as Bitcoin is not issued into or under Neutral Control.

however that is explained in the broader definition and this effect will eventually equalize i.e the problem is already solved.


The question of Gold control.

So theoretically we can see that  Neutral control seems to solve a previously unsolvable problem, that of inalienable human corruption.

If there is a universal gold fund and indeed if we presume that this gold is the natural property of all humans, (which makes sense to me)

If we were to come down to means and application, there are a few scenarios in which a distribution would work we can pre suppose?

lets say the owners of the fund, brokered the development of a “Bank” or “institution” and then literally made the people of the world aware of the trust, then we could assume :

1. The person opens an account at the “Gold trust”

2. The account is “credited” with the corresponding weight of gold.

3. I assume if the gold is credited to the account the human can withdraw the gold in physical form.

4. Can we also assume that gold certificates would be naturally issued from this trust.


Are we now not once again relying on the “good faith” of the issuers of that Gold?

It seems that humans history has been a constant fight for the control of issuance of the official “money”,  (and the coercion of the “confidence”)

This control seems to have generally bounced back and forth between private “Kings / Oligarchy” and public “Governments / Dictators” control, the West is in the middle of a reign of private “Oligarchy” entities control of the issuance of money, which by extensions gives the oligarchy control over a lot of other aspects of human development.

I am well aware of how this situation is changing and understand why this is leading to the situation we are in today, however:

If this event “the Global Gold reset” occurred even roughly how I have outlined, (feel free to correct me)  it would be so far ahead  of anything we have with regard to a functioning system now that i guess my question starts to seem academic, (so I’m certainly not a pessimist with regard to this.)

However, what if we project forward can we be certain that any particular entity can not, through the ability of coercion, eventually regain the control of issuance of this gold and we once again end up at “Square one”?

Or perhaps  are we just essentially shifting the goal posts to a new set of Oligarchical leaders?

Is it not true that upon the issuance of these gold accounts there would be a massive shift of “confidence”  towards this issuer?




Gold is a physical asset this is very advantageous in nearly all ways and give it many advantages over the digital public ledger.

but one clear advantage the digital public ledger has over a purely physical asset is under certain conditions (which are pretty simple) a digital public ledger can be agreed on and not under any one entity or groups control.

So the parameters are generally agreed on within flexible boundaries and to all intents and purposes then everyone is controlling the system, with changes coming only with mild “calamity ” or disruption.

so for example :

lets ay Crypto X was issued and all was fine but then it appeared as if there was some problem and this seemed to be causing inequity or distortions, in this case there would be a move to change or move to a different algorithm or ledger, if more than 51% chose to do this then it would be so.

so it would seem that both systems Gold or Crypto can not exist without a well informed public information system, however this is pretty much assured.


end note:

Anyhow that was my question regarding the “Global Gold trust” anything you can add would be of value, even if this gets more people thinking about neutral control then it is worthwhile as it is indeed interesting that this technology can solve the problem of the control of issuance.

A pessimist may say that this “Gold scenario” will never happen, I am (as said), an optimist because I perhaps understand the structure of the way energy systems flow, however nothing is assured or certain.


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