The Bentwaters / Rendlesham Forest incident.


It is coming up to the end of 2014 and the human population of the earth is presently split into broadly two (2) major groups from a socioeconomic and psychological perspective.

1. The Publicly consensus disabled.

2. The decentralized consensus effected.

I have to define both.

The Public Consensus disabled:

This is the broad group that still primarily sources their information from single directional sources such as TV and Radio, they also read “news papers” they can be “online” but they stick to a narrow set of views, they are disabled by this information vector as a lot of their information comes from one primary quickly eroding source.

ideas and information that sits outside this information vector will tend to be ignored,or rejected in all different manners, this is not a physical disability however there could be physical attributes that are associated to it.

The Decentralized Consensus effected.

This group sources information from many vectors, both from online information in all forms and from public consensus sources,  this group will take on new ideas but because of the “transition” between these two major forms of communication they will have difficulty determining “misinformation” at the beginning of  discovering new information, however as both the new and the old human information systems cycle through, a clear decentralized consensus is ultimately able to be determined effectively.

Attempting to pass information to both groups.

So when writing a Blog I have to accept that the first group is in transition from a point of disability to a less mentally disabled point, some will make it and some will not overcome this natural evolutionary disability.

But i also have to recognize that the decentralized consensus group will know this and want to learn new information, from the document.

ultimately the only reason to write a blog entry is to pass new information across or add to the existing decentralized consensus.

so to help understanding I will effectively use images to pass as much information on and use a sequence of events to give both new and existing information.

I will attempt to use “authority figures” for the disabled and I will use hard evidence for the decentralized consensus, and then let anyone fill in the gaps.

Rendlesham Forest incident in summary.

The first thing you need to understand is that this event happened – as you will see from the evidence although this will read like science fiction.

you can use Wikipedia for a reference of names and dates,  Wikipedia is generally a good consensus point for names and dates only.


Two NATO nuclear armed base in Suffolk England named Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge in between these two bases is a wooded forest called Rendlesham forest.

26th Dec 1980

  • December 26th to 28th (and later)  1980.
  • 26th Dec 80 Several personal from the East Gate of RAF Woodbridge witnessed lights an animal disturbance around the base and moving lights.
  • Sgt. Jim Penniston (at that time) and other security staff including John Burroughs from RAF Woodbridge investigated the lights in the wooded area called Rendlesham Forest.
  • They believe they were attending a plane crash allegedly 4 security staff attended.
  • Burroughs received radio transmission stating that Heathrow [Airport] had tracked a unidentified object on radar heading towards that general area.
  • Security officers allegedly encountered a vehicle of “non human” origin and had a telepathic communication with the occupants.
  • There is a possibility that John Burroughs and Jim Penniston were missing for a time and had an “out of conscience” experience.
  • Sgt. Jim Penniston approached the craft and touched it on one side it had a raised set of symbols that seemed familiar but he could not interpret.
  •  allegedly asked “who are you?”  and the telepathic communication suggested that “we are you”
  • Allegedly he interpreted that the beings were from the “future” and that they were not extraterrestrial.
  • Allegedly he had information downloaded to this mind which included symbols and binary code.
  • Jim Penniston  later explained that he had a binary code image imprinted in his mind, he wrote it down on a notepad and he stopped having the vision of binary* see link
  • One or both of these people were told that the entities would return in the following days.
  • John Burroughs and Jim Penniston allegedly were “missing” in that area for around 4 hours, and other staff on the base eventually were sent to retrieve them.
  • They were retrieved in a “Dazed” state in the forest.
  • It was alleged they were debriefed the next day and given injections of some sort (sodium pentothal) “truth serum” by some leadership area of the Air Force this was allegedly to determine what they witnessed.
  • That next day cast molds were taken of the indents left by the ship, when the three indents were measured to each other from center to center they were in a perfect triangle pattern, there was also an increased background radiation, many authorities both English and US attended the site this day.
  • The strong rumor spread to key members of the leadership of both  Bentwaters and Woodbridge bases that the craft and entities would return on or around the 28th Dec this came possibly from direct communication or through the subsequent drugging in the debriefing of Jim Penniston and John Burroughs,
  • John Burroughs allegedly knew that the craft would return in the next two days, and returned in civilian clothing on the 28th when he was off duty, he asked to be able to attend the site but was apparently denied, other witnesses said he seems compelled to go there.

28th Dec 1980

  • On the 28th of December at Bentwaters base lights were observed and a lot of activity including failure of equipment radios, lights on the base etc.
  • There was also an animal disturbance and some dear crossed the air strip disturbed.
  • At this time security officer Larry Warren and others including Adrian Bustinza attended the scene in the Rendlesham Forest.
  • They were picked up by a truck and they retrieved equipment including large sets of lights and other equipment.
  • there was extensive lights and objects in the sky viewed by witnesses at both bases, and a lot of radio activity by the Bentwaters base security.
  • The radio recording of that night were subsequently redacted or went “missing”
  • Because of the rumor of the return.  allegedly 30 to possibly 40+ individuals of all rank including some MOD personal and also two English civilian Police officers attended the site in the forest.
  • Deputy base commander, Lt. Col. Charles I. Halt generally organized the group that attended and made extensive audio tape of communications leading up to the event.
  • There was allegedly a cinematic film camera and a large video camera controlled by Public affairs on the Bentwater base.
  • some security staff found what appeared to be a controlled “mist” circle structure platform about 50ft across this was where most of the witnesses congregated.
  • A small basketball sized ball of light that was glowing red orange appeared at the site coming from the north area over the trees.
  • Most witnesses describe a high presence of electrostatic energy also time appeared to be  moving as if “slowed down” or “like a slow motion film” or gravity effects.
  • The 30 to 40 witnesses were surrounding the “mist” “platform” at the area.
  • The object came down over the area and came to a point above the platform.
  • The object “exploded” into very bright lights about 20 feet above the platform there was absolutely no sound heard by any witnesses.
  • This brilliant light allegedly flash burned the retina of security officer Larry Warren and others.
  • After the light faded there was a pyramid type object present on the platform, the same pyramid craft as previous.
  • colours where surrounding the craft which were rainbow like and it there appeared to be an intense gravity effect around it.
  • Wing Commander of the Bentwaters Air Force base Gordon E. Williams allegedly attended at this time (coming from a party or get together) with other senior staff (although he denies this.)
  • A blueish gold bright light appeared from the craft and then split apart out of it came three individual beings with their lower body in a cocoon type structure that floated.
  • Many witnesses found the description hard to process as they were described as “children”
  • They were 4 foot tall if that total, they were wearing a suit , Larry originally thought “children in jumpsuits”
  • The wing commander Gordon E. Williams allegedly stepped froward as per a protocol at which case a lot of lower ranking people were called out of that area.
  • While this was all occurring there was extensive craft and events of beams of light and more beings appeared at other places all over the base.
  • It was alleged that the whole time all this was occurring there was 3 massive pyramid craft over all three areas the woods, and the 2 bases.

29th Dec 1980 and onward.

  • All staff were debriefed.
  • In the next days all lower ranked staff were debriefed in a compartmentalized way.
  • Lots of security staff were asked to attend in their original uniform (which was tested for radiation etc)
  • There were a number of suicides after the stress from the events after the event.
  • They were made to sign pre-made statements which were of a generic nature, in which they had to put their SS number .
  • Security staff were taken to a room where there was a screen two security NSA staff attended.
  • A Naval commander spoke with them.
  • They were told they witnessed something that some in the human race had known about for a long time.
  • They were told that there is many phenomena, various advanced civilizations visit earth some come and go some are a “permanent presence.”
  • Impressed upon them was the national security interested etc.
  • they were specifically asked to report any dreams.
  • They were shown a film it had no sound or narration which showed in chronological era various flying craft all the way up to the space program.
  • They were shown a film of a huge craft emerging from the ground in east Asia.
  • They were shown objects on the moon, and structures moving from the surface of the moon shot by NASA and the mission of the lunar car.

Days following:

  • Some security staff were drugged with an aerosol spray and taken to an underground facility under the base, which they were taken allegedly to a extensive tunnel network.
  • They were taken to a clinical area and Larry Warren had marks of IV and other marks on his body.
  • Many staff were allegedly taken to the presence of an “Alien” (from a human point of view) presence that was working with the naval and Air force staff or “elite.”
  • allegedly there was a telepathic transfer.
  • They were allegedly told things about religion and society etc, (i.e the truth from this “Aliens” point of view)
  • While Larry Warren was missing for about a day but can recall about only 20 minutes.
  • He remembers huge tunnels systems also allegedly was shown advanced technology.

Years following:

  • All Staff had normal surveillance which most people find normal these days like, mail opened phones tapped and being monitored.
  • Larry Warren was given a special code status after he was honorably discharged and was never allowed to rejoin the Air force or any other government military wing again.
  • Some staff/witnesses outright disappeared or committed suicide and there were alleged murders.

Quite a story no doubt now let me help the Public consensus disabled with an authority figure:

Here is a 5 star Admiral MOD Ministry of defense -:

Lord Admiral Peter Hill-Norton

notice that the Admiral said that this event is of “defense interest”

But the MOD disagrees.

and now for the decentralized consensus effected:

here is the “cleansed” Halt memorandum and also the audio tape, however still very important as it was released by the Ministry of defense under a freedom of information procedure.

it is worth at least viewing.

Colonel Charles I. Halt

And really a must watch:

The Larry Warren evidence, however, come back to it, keep reading down the page for the moment at some pretty amusing images.


* Link to more info about the binary code –


OK Now for the fun part…

I’m well aware that the whole event was a traumatic for many involved also some people have lost their lives, these things are tragic, however in many ways the star of this show is someone that has come forward with the most evidence and that is Larry Warren.

Another point, if you attended the event or if you know a lot about it ask this question:

how many people were harmed as a direct result of the entities that arrived on the days in question and how many humans simply harmed themselves or each other?

retina burn? ..

here is an image of a young Larry Warren and Adrian Bustinza Both Larry and Adrian were the two men ordered forward towards the craft on the night of the Dec 28th. 1980.


When i saw this picture it really made me laugh.

Now we all know Hollywood uses real life events sometimes as the basis of fictional characters…


However that is patently impossible, as the event took place in 1980 and the original Star Wars cast must have been picked pre 1977..

{cue eerie x files music ….}

ok, ok its a blurry likeness but what about something more reasonable?

is there an resemblance here??


I’m certainly noticing something here with the the stance the hair and the face, also, this one is straight out of the 80’s theme, if you have watched Guardians of the Galaxy.

Ok Anything? here?


maybe? maybe not.  : D


This image is both beautiful and also a typically horrible Hollywood misrepresentation  ; D


 ; D


 : D


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