The Russian Federation is not in a weak position it is in a transitional position.

Framed against the plunge in the value of the Russian Ruble is much speculation about The Russian Federation overall economic position.

To explain this document I have to define some English words.

So lets go through some basics of human configuration systems.

What is “Capitalism” in this definition?

Basics of human configurations systems.

“Capitalism” definition.

modern capitalism can be defined by these simple points:

  • The use of a universal energy token.
  • The use of universal public consensus.
  • The loaned issuance of the energy token, which is used as a means of energy extraction.

One can slice and dice meaning as much as they like, and I may come back a define these points, but that is essentially what modern capitalism is.

None of these 3 vectors existed in this specific relationship or to the degree they do before modern “Capitalism” some people confuse “free markets” or “mercantile markets” with “Capitalism” however these are just simple disagreements over language, so please look upon these points again and understand what modern capitalism is.

here is a very basic picture:


As this is a simple blog post I’m not going to stop and define each main point, this is a short section cut out and adapted from the the longer document I am authoring, however if you have questions tweet me or add them to this blog publicly so that everyone can learn.

What’s the big evolution of “Capitalism” ?

Basically where the human energy is managed, also some degrees of difference in public consensus.

You will note i have circled where the human energy is managed in “Capitalism” it is essentially a “self management” system, so to explain that, the humans are basically managing their own energy however they do this though a  “means of exchange” of energy which is the energy token, a useful surrogate.

That energy token is issued as a loan from its issuance point which begins with the central issuer.

This reserve loan is then multiplied by key institutional multipliers (you would call these commercial banks)  and energy token issuance is based on demand form the humans.

important note:

That issuance system, i.e the central issuer and the key institutional multipliers is a back and forth private relationship, i.e owners of the central issuer also own the key institutional multipliers and so on vice versa .

here is another picture:



What is the difference between “Capitalism” and “Communism” ?

At its more simple and important just simply where the energy is managed.


Human were probably not designed to direct and managed other human energy on a mass scale.

Communism is defined by these key points:

  • No major universal energy token.
  • Public consensus directed towards the state energy organizers.
  • Human energy is not self managed.

put very basically..

The result was that the human energy was “Pulled” into the organizational “State” system and due to many human attributes was extracted as it was filtered back down (redistributed) to the humans that created it.

So what have we learned?

Both human configuration systems “Communism” and “Capitalism” (as defined) are energy extraction systems

but “Communism” uses the “Pull keep” method and “Capitalism” uses the “Pump extract” method, however “Capitalism” has the key vector that its human energy management system is “self managed”

this is becsue it uses the more complex (relatively)  system of energy token issuance.

here is a picture:


click to enlarge.^^


  •  Communism was a more crude method of energy extract in which the human energy is pulled into the state organizational system but efficiently returned, and extracted on its redistribution, that in turn caused problems with the human consensus system which drove a “downward spiral” of productivity and human energy when “pulled” though the “state” and filtered back down.


  • Capitalism is a more efficient method of energy extraction as it uses an energy token that allows the humans to “self manage” their energy, however all tokens are a loan with an interest and have energy extraction derivative attached, also the system is “pumped” at a  “frequency” from greater to lesser energy tokens, which greatly assists this energy extraction and acquisition of human energy.

OK that all Sounds very “Matrix” like, however what’s this got to do with the Russian Federation?

Let us put our human brains into gear (if we have any energy left)


  • When “Communism” collapsed / transformed in Russia, the roots of the token issuance system “Capitalism” had already basically been set up.
  • The plan was to make a fairly smooth transition.
  • however,  just like with “Communism” human nature meant that what occurred was the  gross reallocation of vast pieces of Russian infrastructure and energy by the few that were to be the new token issuers in the new “capitalist” configuration.

Post Perestroika:

  • This caused a core of patriotic Russians to act in the defense of the nation, this group was generally formed around the core of the KGB and the current President Vladimir Putin.
  • This core group took over the reigns of the “Government” which is normally an incorporated structure of the token issuers in the pure model form of “Capitalism”.

The evolution of Russian  leadership:

  • Many in this leadership group around the President had varying depths of knowledge on the precise mechanisms of the token issuance structure.
  • The early 90’s saw human information systems just developing on a mass multidimensional scale, this assisted in technical and structural and social awareness.
  • This group, the President and other key leaders undertook an evolution of understanding  of this “new” energy extraction system/ configuration.
  • This resulted in them virtually having the perception of being technically in charge of what they realized is meant to be an incorporated (lesser) structure that they didn’t necessarily have a large historical or political  investment in, (Capitalism)

The emergence of a real competitor:

  • This occurred to degree in china also ( although  in vastly different ways)
  • Now the original form of energy extraction know as “Capitalism”  has a proto competitor, the original issuers contended that it was probably only a matter of simple time before the leadership realized they were controlling what was meant to be an incorporated structure of the issuance system,  the “Government”
  • This meant by default that they were direct or future direct competitors.
  • however the real fear for the competitor is the inevitable evolution of information of both the  leadership group, and the possible evolution of the core “structure” of token issuance.

Evolution and experimentation.

  • There is ample evidence that the Russian leadership has numerous optional organizational plans and/or models for different human configurations systems, which could integrate key “efficiencies” into the “Capitalism”  energy extraction system.
  • This is where we are at about present day.



The attacks on the Russian Federation from the multiple points, economic , monetary and  military , in effect prove that “Capitalism” is approaching its 1989 point, up until now this seems like a natural evolution however, it may well be that The Russian Federation and others have developed a new token system or a new human configuration system, and what the world is experiencing right now is in effect a “stand off” before this evolution.

The monetary “instability” in comparison of the Russian energy token “Ruble” is just a result of the natural competition of the two energy extraction systems, however one being much older in form  being the “united States Federal reserve note”  it has much more public consensus, however public consensus is breaking down as we speak.

so the Key points that make “Capitalism” what it is are essentially breaking down globally.

  • Public consensus is breaking down – as multidimensional information splits off a “new reality” ( see “Main stream media”  ratings and credibility)
  • Universal energy token is breaking down ( it is not universal) i.e the entry of competitor “monies” or “Money”
  • Energy token loans require human energy demand, this demand seems to be breaking down, also the public consensus that a “loan”  from a key institutional multiplier be “repaid” also seems to be effected there is ample physical evidence for this.

So it is unclear what the specific evolution from the “Capitalism” energy extraction system is,  or even what the next human configuration system will look like but we can say that in this specific case the relationship with the consensus value of the Ruble token and the underlying energy management system have deviated.

So to say that again in English, its not so much that the Ruble is “valueless”, rather,  there is a temporary effect on its value, however ALL energy tokens that rely on public consensus and the three (3) points above will be effected.

The important evolutions that come next will indeed be at least interesting.


And here let me directly quote right from PM Medvedev in this news story just posted hours ago:

Russia has enough resources to reverse ruble crisis – Medvedev

I will post a Quote and then translate it each time:

“Russia has enough market instruments to soothe the drastic ruble drop, which is a result of a “game on emotions,” said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.”


Our competitors public consensus is still such that they can cause a manipulation in perceived reality and amplify the results in the weakness of our energy token.


“There are economic instruments needed to satisfy the specific demand,” Medvedev said.


We need to move our holdings of other possible tokens to both strategically hurt our competitor and  support our energy token, and shift public consensus.


 “….the numbers that we’ve seen in the exchange offices over the past few days do not correspond to the real situation, and are way beyond the limits of the range comfortable for the economy and for the people,” he said, adding that emotions have played a big role in this situation.


Similar to first, public consensus has been moved, in a way that does not represent the underlying energy capabilities, related to oil etc.


“Restoring order in the foreign exchange market is in everyone’s common interest, but stressed that Russia wouldn’t use any extreme measures, the PM said.

“Our future actions should be based on market mechanisms.”


We are waiting, we we will use traditional human configuration methods to handle this issue, until we can see better the results of these actions, if public consensus shifts we will adjust our approach, as public consensus breaks down  and demand arises we will evolve the system .



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