Tracking the progression of an “issuance theory” to determine future cryptocurrency price.

Way back in August of 2014 i wrote an article that may have seemed a little abstract at the time :

It showed the similarities of the Quark chart and the current Bitcoin chart , the theory basically postulated that Quark was a “sped up” issuance distribution of the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency.

also that both showed certain similarities, and based on this and other simple issuance information, we could simply determine the future price of Bitcoin  until it hits what i call:

“Base money version 1”

I also contest that Bitcoin may not survive “Base money version 1”

Quark however is currently at “Base money version 2”

Here are the charts then:

Bitcoin at around 30 Aug 2014


Showing the “Run up” the “ditch” the “plateau”


Now the Quark all time chart zoomed out to show the long road into “Base money version 2”


This chart also tracks the “Run up” the “ditch” and the “plateau” .



Now lets look at an updated 2015 Bitcoin Chart and compare that to the Aug chart:

Aug 2014:



Jan 6 2015




you will notice i have drawn a line though where the “plateau” has breached the lowest part of the “ditch” and is now on its path down to “Base money version 1”

I contest because of the Bitcoin issuance monopoly it will not survive “base money version 1” in its present form and it will have to take on many aspects that Quark already has.

It will take a large confidence loss and will take a long time to recover if at all.

Quark was the economic redesign of the economically and algorithmically flawed Bitcoin.


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