Quark becomes payment method on New “Silk Road” also 3D printing store and other news.

“Silk Road” Reloaded.


Details – :

Apparently the feds have created a new “Silk Road” and it is becoming popular this will be accepting Quark as a payment system, hey if you know its not run by the FBI rock out, now you have a viable Crypto currency to buy things.

Admittedly “Doge” (which is partly heading towards neutral control) is also accepted.

the story:


“Silk Road” is a market place to buy “illegal goods”

For me it highlights the overall inactivity in the highly manipulated “Bitcoin” issuance monopoly market, in a way this is the Feds saying that they will accept real Crypto Currency to steal.

however if you know otherwise and you believe “Silk Road” is a legitimate market place, feel free to correct me.


More importantly :

3D Printing market places are a key vector to the future of DIY (do it yourself)

The company ISG3D is accepting #Quark though Shapeshift for its 3D printing online services.

A brand new Canadian-based online 3D printing store. they are selling PLA filaments, 3D printers and 3D printed objects. The team of ISG is also proud to offer 3D services for modeling and printing.

the site :






Why does Quark keep finding equilibrium as Bitcoin falls ?


click to enlarge ^^

EkonomiksĀ  that’s why !

@Kolin_Quark I’m on Twitter.



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