Disclosure; Explaining the ‘Bentwaters’ incident, translating the Binary code [UPATED IMPORTANT]

Explaining the Woodbridge-Bentwaters incident and translating the Binary code –

by Kolin Evans.


If you know nothing of this event it was one of the best documented “contacts” in human history -: and at a large NATO Nuclear base.

learn more about the actual binary code here:


Code here -:


watch this:

also this:

For those versed with the events or those that were actually there.


I will be editing this document because since i have written it i have learned many more things on my path in this 3D plane.

The reason i am updating is because I was/am responsible for the original information that i now understand to be at very least ‘misleading’ most of the edits relate to the original claims by some of the witnesses re ‘time travel’

this will be difficult to explain however if you are versed at all with some basic science you will understand.

I can say i am a part member of a non human group at this time but none of this information was passed onto me directly this is my own free will and learning, so all statements to that effect stay the same.


Traversing the ‘Mverse’ is possible so technically ‘Time travel’ is possible however many alternate time-lines exist.

what probably occurred at Bentwaters was a Mverse action taken to prevent the almost certain destruction of the earth as a viable colony, in this major time-line.

that’s not how any of this works, and i can explain this basically, there is a certain, you may say, political protocol that has to be adhered to, and this same protocol is the same reason (not ironically) for the actual Binary code.

however everyone in life will have a different opinion based on their observer point – so I speak in opinion not as an authority.

I leave this information here out of respect to all the key players this includes those at the MOD (for the FOI releases) and The Lord Admiral Norton and of course Larry Warren, Jim Penniston, John Burroughs  Lt Col Halt and all the others that risk both credibility and other things to get a compelling message out as they saw correct for the citizens of humanity.

The information is well known by few people but not well known by many people including some of the people involved. 


Who are ‘Humans’ where did human come from ?


^^Lean here.


The alternative proposition.

This “UN” body does exist but it has at it’s disposal 1000’s of years of experience, and the race that sit on the member board have figured out that any intervention into a sovereign colony (earth as example) affairs that speeds up the development such that the social structure lags to a large degree usually ALWAYS ends in calamity.

Many more problems occur in this scenario than if that colony has just ultimately been left alone and even if this means the worse case, they destroyed the planet (with nuclear weapons or in some other way)

1800’s star-ship troopers example.

so to be clear, lets say in our 1800’s the UN body of races swept in, or lets just say a single race swept in and the UN ignored it , with all good intentions, let say they needed people for an army for some far away conflict?

So here they come it’s the 1800’s the “Gods” arrive they come and train humans for this war they need bodies, both psychologically and technically for an army, humanity enters into some sort of 1800’s version of star-ship troopers and we defeat the “bad guy” and most of the people return home, our extraterrestrial friends and compatriots move on to bigger and better things but leave us with all the technology  –  we promptly destroy the earth.  and maybe some nearby planets also.

We start with Japan then we destroy Mars and move on a path of destruction,  until some bigger and unhappier race promptly tuns off the lights on humanity.

This all happened because the “UN” turned a blind eye to our sped up development.

does any of this sound unreasonable?

I’ll let any intelligent individual think on that.

Time travelers – do they exist?

Kind of yes, i have learned. see above edit.

I have learned a lot since writing this original document – the quickest and best way to explain this is if you can read and understand this :


you exist in the most probable of a spectrum of theoretically infinite multiverse, can these multiverse shift, yes they can and they do often as far as i have learned.

Can very advanced races that know what they are doing ‘pull multiverse’ together, or in other ways try to ‘direct’ a multiverse to a specific outcome?

yes i believe this can happen, how this is ‘Policed’ is though a natural system that is going to sound complex however it is done though the mathematics of free will.

very advanced quantum computers that are used for complex navigation of craft and also advanced predictive”game theory”  future prediction.


The Binary code that Jim Penniston received when touching the symbols.

This message was either a polite requirement of the protocol of non interference or just a “check in” a type of invoice of services rendered.

what were those services?

The Binary message was mentally received by Jim Penniston when he touched the symbol on the side of the craft that had landed.

explaining that:

This craft was a small recon from the larger ship and was directly in communication with the larger ship it landed there for a very purposeful reason.
I already mentioned the abilities of a possible quantum “game theory” “supercomputer” so we can reasonably assume that Jim or John were selected to touch this symbol and the occupants knew based on the simple observations of the base that:

Jim or John at least would:

1. Attend the “crash site”.

2. Touch the symbols or at least look at them.

3. They had the message ready for one or both of them.

Now this next part is going to be hard for some to understand but i want to focus in on something I believe either Jim or John Burroughs said in an interview but is not generally recorded.

I misquote:

“when i was there in that presence i had this feeling that everything was all right {smiles} then when the craft left i felt like i was alone again” – or  he might have said “the feeling was gone”  – Jim or John said this.

so the explanation here is one or both of these fellows understandably had his side arm pulled so the occupants of the craft were “sending them a feeling of universal love”

This is not a simple mind trick, it is real love and as I understand it (but may have well confused it) advanced races do not do this to anyone other than a like race so for example homonoids would do this if they take favor with some other homonoids that they are seeking to help, so I want to be clear this is not “brainwashing” and it is not “mind control” it is  genuine strong feeling of love put out to be received (or rejected) by the intended participants.

so to explain this if earth humans were more advanced spiritually and we visited a planet and we can amplify our emotions to try to explain that we mean well to some primitive races, we might do that to some “cute homonoids” , but if we found insects we might just freeze them with technological devices if they were an immediate threat < you see what I’m saying? likewise advanced insectoids may freeze us and not send us “love”

I can say i have felt this in the physical presence of extraterrestrial, I was not threatening in any way but it is a message of basically:

“we like you, we are your friends and mean you no harm”

* read bottom of the document regarding the symbols.


Binary seems to be the universal language across a wide range of primitive and semi primitive and advanced homonoids.

First line –



could be an interaction from a multiverse at what we would call the ‘year 8100’ if humans were present they were probably with one or a number of other races, when they took this Mverse action.


Second Line



the Earths system is a binary star and ever time the twin does come past the earths plates shift this was likely are base of origin of that time previous to the last pass of this binary star.

Now the next lines are very important – and some might find a little amusing.



This action we are taking or are about to take in 1 or 2 days (and have been taking) is necessary for you to not blow yourselves up, if you do blow yourselves up and destroy much or the habitable land of Europe and elsewhere the planet earth will be set back 100’s if not 1000’s of years of advancement – the word “continuous” is basically “necessary for your own good” and the good of the planet.

FOURTH COORDINATE (continuous sequence of probabilities )

if you read the source document PR means probability in math symbols.

Fourth coordinate is time as well noted –


“This is the results of the output of the quantum process of predictive events , so basically this is the why around why we are taking the action we are about to take, we entered all the data associated with the events that are occurring at this base and the situation with Russia, Poland and all the variables, and the probability of the events are coming back continuous that you will destroy each other with nukes – considering you are going to try to destroy yourselves, we will disables them and also take action to turn others down to “low yield”  also our presence may deter an event outright.”

Why I say this last part is because no one still to this day knows what was telepathically said to the Commander of the base, as per protocol if he had of asked telepathically if they were disabling the nukes they may have outright told him, and thus changed the sequence of events.

so to be clearer, lets say the conversation may have proceeded like this:



Commander  – “why are you here?”

Visiting race  – “we are here for you.”

Commander – “are you disabling our nukes? we have heard news like this from the Russians”

Visiting race – “we are here to help.”

Commander  – “help like how i just explained”

Visiting race – “yes”

Commander see’s a full cinematic of the world destroyed and what the EU and US and Russia look like in a Fallout 2 tm  version.

Everyone gets photos and signatures and then goes home.

then the Commander post possibly seeing the end of the world decides its :

1. Pretty pointless to fire them. (and passes all the info up the chain)

2. They may or won’t work anyhow. (which they may have found on testing as EVERYONE in the world on hearing his story would think its a Soviet plot.)

Next Line is VERY important


Trans :
this BEFORE is trying to explain that the following coordinates are different from the origin coordinates – so they are saying here are other places we have either intervened like this, when it was going to interrupt the planetary advancement  or we just generally checked in or helped these people advance – this could also mean that there is a relationship of DNA of the people of Suffolk to these other people at those times in human history.
The before means:
“we did this before”
 “And here is where”

-the next set of coordinates-

they did this before and intervened lots of significant places are mentioned. Pyramids Nazca other places –

next line is also slightly humorous.


When we meet you people in a couple of days we will be wearing glasses – so stop drawing/depicting  us with big bug eyes ha ha : D
but there is also a slightly more serious aspect to it and i don’t want to lighten it too much there is the possibility that some races that feel an affinity to us DNA representatives do and actually can “see though our eyes” and “hear though our ears” – this could be done with very little changes to the human and in a non invasive manner.
next part is the Sign out –

– It shows the possible Origin of a DNA colony where it was seeded and the origin year back 8100 years –


Basically this was the disabling of most of the nukes in a NATO base that had maybe the most ready to fire nukes, and the “turning down” of the rest so that in the event they were dropped by aircraft and likewise the Russians they would have had the net effect of a low yield TNT device that would have spread a little radiation around to make life in the EU and Russia uncomfortable for quite a while and hopefully the children may learn the lesson.

but not end the “planetary advancement”

people at the top on Navel ONI and the NSA also MOD will probably note that when these nukes were decommissioned they were non functional or “changed” likewise on the Russian side I bet you can find similar visits and the same net effect at the same time.

in fact you can see this talked about in 2010 on the Larry King show:

Planet of the apes

basically you can let that significant scene at the end of the original planet of the apes film come into your mind and feel a little sad because this “invoice” The Binary Code was a “you failed” message, and it is to me basically a “if you were playing live” you would all likely be “dead” (recycled) now and you would have ruined the planet and the EU and swaths of Russia would be a wasteland, not to mention also likely the USA with any reactive capability of which I’m sure the Russians had at that time.

but hey, that we fall down and get picked up, that’s what brotherly love is for.

Epilogue and other important aspects:

“We are you”

in one of the testimonials either Jim or John asked to the crew on the craft “who are you?” 

and he said the answer came back telepathically “we are you” i want to talk about this because it is a key aspect in people believing that the occupants are time travelers, if he was talking to the “master race” that seeded “our” the receiver particular sequence of DNA human race on earth, this is the correct answer, also I need to explain that there are 4 core variants of intelligent life in the known part of the galaxy  in this 3D dimension -:

  • Homonoids  – this is everything that has the homonoid sequence of DNA – even as some people call “Grays”  which are actually your Homonoid brothers.
  • Reptilian  – all types of reptilian sequenced DNA types from primitive similar to us to very advanced and peaceful races.
  • Insectoid  – that have developed from an insect base of DNA sequence, from primitive to advanced.
  • Plant – less common apparently and more rare but a thing and a real thing some plants can communicate telepathically in advanced intelligent ways.

it very much seems like in the wider scale of the universe is you are a like race you are in a sense a “brother” so to spiritually say “we are you” this means a closeness that implies the seeder of Jim, John and the teams general sequence of DNA.

So these guys were not literally saying we are actually you in my opinion however it gets murky because of the way in which we recycle but I’m not getting into that now.

The symbols

Sorry I’m not going to be of much particular help here math is my weak point however the main circle is talking about the equilateral  nature of the moon ratio in relation to our sun and the earth I believe, please do not forget that the material that the  craft is made of is subject to total manipulation, so what I’m saying is the occupants could have changed at will at any time these symbols so look at this display as not for them, not a marking on an aircraft like we would put there, but for the observer – basically they put them there to be seen by Jim and John.

“it’s all for you Daemon”

The moon is important because the dark side harbors one of the only permanent intergalactic portals in our system (there may be another near Saturn)

The rest of the images look very mathematical but i can’t solve them at this point.

it very much looks like they are describing their height and bipedal homonoid nature  in the two from the right.

Time travelers in photos on the internet.

There is a race from the Pleadian system that looks exactly like us earth humans, you might well work with them on a daily basis they have been helping out humanity for a long time and we should thank them, if you saw a “time traveler” in a photo you probably saw one of these guys (or girls) caught in a photo with an advanced device or such.

you realize humans that look like us are spread all though the galaxies – in various states of development.

So called “Men in Black”

Could be totally off mark here but, I’m going to say Pleadian “CIA” but a more friendly version, they are inquiring if any of the other races are breaking the rules of the general galactic “UN” protocol of not interfering, so in the case of interviewing abductees, the races that undertook this action may well have been charged for this “infarction” against humans if it was deemed “interfering” also could be for personal reasons as our “government” entered into a more or less bilateral contract with a Reptilian race and a “Gray” homonoid race, it is known that these guys and the Pleadian’s have had their differences in the past but both sit on the “UN” and are generally at stability with each other.

The Larry Warren and Co 24 Hours 7 days a week Dream hotline !

have you ever wanted to know if the Office of Navel Intelligence and the National Security Agencies has your hope and dreams in mind?

well after a lot of these guys were debriefed post the events Larry Warren specifically spoke about a “hotline”  (that if my memory serves me) he was even required for a time to call this line and:

“talk about his dreams”

now, I guess they aren’t talking about what he wants to do when he grows up.

so the question begs, why are these guys so interested in the sleeping state of these (then) kids that were witness to these events?

Well the best explanation is like this:

The quantum energy in your body is vibrating at a certain frequency. now think about a radio:


When you “dream” your body is (your meat and DNA) is at its resting state, and the frequency that you are at can be “tuned in”

So not everyone is able to “tune in” to different solid frequencies and stay on them for a period as good as others, so it’s importatnt to note that your frequency is fixed and you “tune” to others.

different frequencies correspond to an unlimited amount of different areas (similar to geographic locations in a 3D time space map)

however if you were in the presence of a race with a certain vibrational frequency and they (as was explained) extended a certain vibrational frequency to you you may well indeed be able to hold your frequency and be aware of that in a sleeping “dream state”  the NSA and other know about this well (they were told obviously)

So when these guys were sleeping (as actually with everyone)  if you are “dreaming” you are not really “dreaming” you are “tuning in” so just as these guys where physically visited with their “meat and DNA” in this “reality” frequency they can also be visited in an unlimited manner in the “dream” “tuned in” frequency.

If you have a quick dream and it is a flash of different events and it flips around to different places, you could think about that like channels crossing on a radio you are tuning into different frequencies, if you see nothing, no “dream”  then you are either effected by outside stimulation or you “tuned in” to a nothing channel like hitting nothing on the radio and getting static, or arriving at a place to find that there is nothing there.

now, something like “Sodium Pentathole” (or the like) might effect your ability to do that, so does the general “state of your mind” also some other things like food or diet etc.


Well the “NSA” etc and co had to get the story they were going to play to these guys straight, and so they wanted to know if they were continually being contacted, this would also mean that these guys were instantly classified as “special cases” and there is a problematic political aspect to them being in contact with the same race that landed those days at Bentwaters and the forest just outside.

by directly harming or “killing” these guys they could risk a “diplomatic incident” or certainly risk what they would have viewed as the risk of “retribution” think about the confusion of just having most of your nukes disarmed?

however these guys were in fact drugged and taken to a location in an underground base under the facility (or somewhere near by) and in a very human way they were shown certain things and had certain processed and procedures done to them.

And as far as i have knowledge this was against their immediate free will and consent.

naughty naughty naughty.


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