How disinfo and propaganda shot itself in the foot with a “Chicken and bread crumbs”

Lets do a basic logic experiment :

A video was shot in 2011 and it has since become very fashionable again.

The video show two Russian guys shooting what appears to be the body of an unfortunate individual that seems to have crashed died and then been mauled by some animals etc.

however this video kept popping up different places and official answer or meme seemed to be that it was a “chicken”?

now keeping that in mind lets look at a version of the video:

so the “chicken” meme kept coming up again and again.

And i was thinking to by self “why specifically a chicken”  this looks nothing like a chicken?

Here are some stills:



My first thoughts were that the people that are tasked with the job of trying to cover this stuff up,well, you know maybe they  have just become lazy?

maybe they aren’t really trying anymore?

(unless you really have a hard time thinking)

I mean we all saw the Boyd Bushman “Doll” explanation and I could probably think of about 15 different better explanation for this rather than this is a “chicken”

“Doll” would be one.. “anything other than chicken” would be another one….

but then i found out how the “chicken” meme came about ..

It turns out that RT News reported it here on April 19 2011:

claiming that this website

which seems to be some local Russian “news” site said that:

“Police questioned the men who claimed to have found the “body” and they allegedly confessed to creating it themselves.”

out of wait for it….

“skin from chicken filled with bread”

and thus (in my opinion) “disinformation” as a field of science and art terribly shot its self in the foot…

here is the RT story:

by the way RT again doesn’t claim to be the source of this story they again reference the site:


“They went to his house and asked him about the infant’s body.  The scared man reportedly showed a fake alien corpse.  It was even painted in “alien colors”.  Scolding is the only possible punishment for such a stunt as it cannot be considered a crime, the report says.”

surely then the investigators took further pictures of this amazing fake ?

I mean, if this was “Chicken skin and bread” these guys might have been actually trying to gain employment as a special effect artists for block buster films?

did they?

Are they both now working as special effects artist for blockbuster movies?

if they did this with some “chicken skin and bread” these are some seriously talented SFX artist Russians.

i think there should be a follow-up.


The point is since it was “officially” recognized as a “chicken with bread crumbs” back in 2011 now there is not any possibility of coming up with any much more feasible disinfo explanation, so everyone has to now and forever more work with the “chicken” explanation otherwise of course they would have to  rewrite the history and memory hole that original story but as it was run by RT news that would now be almost impossible, so the best thing to do is just pretend it doesn’t exist, and its already been deleted from the “UFO” “Reddit” by the disinfo agents that run that site.

But I have an alternative story and it goes something like this:

  • the craft they were in crashed (as it’s a “UFO” hotspot)
  • the wreckage was retrieved after a few days by the authorities task with doing that.
  • but in that time before retrieval an animal dragged the corpse to that location.
  • as all occupants were dead the authorities couldn’t really say “hey dead guys was there 2 or 3 or 5 of you?”
  • thus they didn’t know/care if they were missing an alien corpse.
  • these guys filmed it (see videos)
  • they uploaded it
  • the authorities came and retrieved it  (the guys that shot the film likely put it in the deep freeze.)
  • and as the authorities were retrieving the body in a very dodgy soviet era propaganda fashion  told them to say it was “a chicken and bread crumbs”
  • thus forever wreaking any more feasible disinformation like “A doll” or “we are SFX students”

so now and forever more this dead alien corpse will be a “chicken and bread crumbs”

so in many ways we can thank the Russian authority’s tasked with the job of making up a “feasible story” for this one.

but hey maybe these budding special effects artists did make this out of a chicken and bread crumbs, if you think they did don’t hesitate to comment below !

here is great comment on one of the Videos :

(click to enlarge)



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