The “Chicken” Alien gets “Debunked” in the best possible way. – Update

This is a quick update to this story :


Here is the talented young artist himself !

OK i just had to do this update because it’s too hilarious..

So if you read the last article (come on guys it’s not that long there isn’t that many words in there)

I was assuming that the authorities arrived at the guys houses and they then in some “soviet style” propaganda told them to say it was a “chicken” (or made out of chicken) or something to do with chicken?

but it gets so much better…

there is probably a reason we haven’t really seen this “debunk”  probably :

  • Because it has more pics of the actual body after they retrieved it.
  • The hilarious legit video i will link here.

it all comes from here:

So let me set the scene..

however i just have to say… what is this?

is it a chicken , plasticine , or Bread?

its now been reported as all of these? ha.

Ok in 2011 the Russian authorities task with this job are not going to threaten people, sure back in the good old days of glorious soviet system, sure they probably/may have been threatened, but much more likely they were paid in some amount of cash to tell this totally believable story.

just how believable ?

well you take a look for yourself…

here is the budding young special effects artist telling the “journalist”  how he made the whole thing:

humor warning: (there may be tears.)

now you know it might just be me….. but did that guy look like he was trying not to laugh the whole time?

This is the most legitimate budding young SFX artist that i have ever seen!

(i have difficulty watching this in public due to trying to avoid looking like that guy laughing at his computer.)

here is your “Alien” !


And hey, call me “Paranoid” but does this look like someone shoved a some red wires and stuff up a dead aliens arse?


I mean, I’m concerned if people are shoving things up dead aliens arse’s is this some sort of retribution?

I’m afraid.. honestly what if the other guys see this pic this could cause a intergalactic incident !  ha ha ha.


I wonder if it’s conceivable that when they retrived the (now decomposing body) from the two guys fridge (or wherever they were keeping it) that they then shoved some sticks with tape around them up its arse and in the limb and said it was “Plasticine Bread and Chicken” , ha no no no..

but what i’m confused about is why the video only has 143 views and here are the comments:


I like to laugh about how people say that its all unlikely because “Aliens” don’t wear clothes and look like “Aliens”, well they probably don’t expect to crash their craft in the middle of the Russian tundra either.


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