“McKenzies” brand bicarb is USA sourced – The Death of Australia’s last real brand name? – Aluminuim issue. please share.


Buyer/Health advocates beware please share this information.

Facts, emails and images included -:


I have always had pretty good “senses”

I purchased a box of McKenzies brand bi-carb soda  (like so many Anzac-like, patriotic Australians)

I noticed it tasted just “off” , i thought that something may have happened to it on shelf so i tried my luck again with another packet, nope it also tasted off.

then i noticed i had an old box i tasted this and it tasted like the bicarb i remembered.

Then I noticed the packet please observe Fig 1 and Fig 2:

The Old Packaging






please note in the red “advert”  the following  “Aluminum free” “made in Australia”  “Australian Owned Manufactured” – Click to enlarge –


please note this sentence on the side of the pack -:

“McKenzie’s Bi-Carb is a natural food grade product and does not contain any aluminum or aluminum based additives, nor is aluminum used in the processing of the sodium bicarbonate.”

The New Packaging






You will see the advert has changed to “Natural Product” (ahh good old “natural product”) and “packed in Australia by an Australian owned company”

The plot thickens……

labels cost money to change…

now observe the side of the packet.


” McKenzies Bi-carb is a natural food grade product that does not use any aluminum-based additives in the processing of the product”

that’s an interesting use of words, note that:


so why the label change?

Well, I emailed them explaining all this :

here is the response:

The Email


Dear Kolin Evans,

Thank you for contacting us via our website.

We have recently changed suppliers and now sourcing the product from USA as our Australian supplier has closed business. The new product is a naturally mined product versus the chemically produced Australian product we are used to selling and hence we have highlighted the All Natural at the front of pack. The aluminium statement is moved to the side of the pack. Both products are food grade and hence safe to be used in baking.

I hope that I have been able to satisfactorily answer your query. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Priyanka Nijhawan
Customer Service/Quality Assurance Manager


Summary TL/DR :

Anyone with a brain knows all bicarb components are  “naturally mined” so basically this email is implying that the new sourced product is just simply less refined i.e the process of removing the aluminum etc..

and now the product comes from the good old USA.

so that is to say i can imply that whatever amount of aluminum is in the product from “basic processing” is present in it now as there is no such thing as a “chemically produced” bicarb product. there is just “soda ash” and processing.

so this implies that there is no processing, i.e its cheaper and has the aluminum present and other products present.

learn more here – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_bicarbonate

  • McKenzies bi-carb is no longer an Australian Product.
  • The bi-carb you ingest if you ingest McKenzie brand is from the USA.
  • like most other things from the USA could be considered “Toxic” as it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt to me that the USA has some of the lowest food standards on the face of the earth.
  • I could easily taste the difference, I’d recommend testing this product. but do that test yourself do not trust “standards”
  • The Mckenzies “Brand” has likely been “taken over” but they did not move the office so that they can still say “Australian company” which is you know as good as “Natural product”
  • This Bi-Carb i would not trust or buy, my advice is to source a European or other brand, the Russian Fed is moving towards organics and clean products, and the EU seems to be resisting its corporate takeover.

Follow up – Update

I have emailed and asked the USA source of the Bicarb now, and will add to this blog.

I have been told by the corresponded that the source of the bicarb is protected, so buyer beware you can not know where this bicarb is made and by who, I’m sorry considering it is the USA I’m going to go ahead and assume Monsanto is the source as the correspondent will not let us know we can be free to assume anything we like.

feel free to contact the company here – but i doubt that this can be reverse the company has been “sold” its as good as complaining to Philip Morris about “Vegemite” – :




  1. Thank-you for your info regarding McKenzies bicarbonate soda. I too noticed the change in flavour and texture and you confirmed everything. Where can we source a pure brand?

    1. I tried all others (apart from some brought form the EU) but then i discovered just normal old ‘Coles’ brand Bi-carb did not have the alternative taste – so try it out it’s just in a blue bag, i tried it an it tastes like the old ‘Mckenzies’ so there you go.

      i’d say taste test it and give us feedback. so far for me it does not taste funky i haven’t done any follow up yet as to where they are sourcing it.

      *even the ALDI brand tasted the same as Mk so i could tell it wasn’t just placebo if you taste the ALDI brand you will see it tastes like the MK brand so they must be sourced from the same place likely – the ‘coles’ brand tastes different.

      the Coles brand is the only one i can find so far in Australia that tastes like MK use to taste, but i guess that could change?, worse case try to source from the EU maybe Russia.

      regards. Kol.

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