There are no “early or late” adopters to a real neutral control currency.

There are no “early or late” adopters to a real neutral control currency.

To say such a thing is to say that you can be an “early or late adopter” to an economy.

which is a rather backward statement.

All currency starts its life at 0 value.

only after human energy is attached to it ( sometimes in the form of a “government” default attaching the citizens to it) only then does any currency have value.

So in the case of Bitcoin the 21 million hard cap and the centralization of the network means this is simply a “rarity issue” the only reason it has A value above 0$ is the fact that there is none in the real market so manipulation is simple, an extreme example:

If Sally just issues 1 single coin but then mined 80% of it herself, any buying can manipulate that entity in the upward direction.

no one holding has an incentive to sell becasue they simply did what any actual Federal reserve did and issued that “currency” to themselves for sweet nothing, however the requirements for a decentralized system mean that something called “proof of work” requires that mining continues here is where Bitcoin will have to fall on its own “rarity scam” sword.

where as a Federal reserve with the full control of a government can and does use the citizens work as a means to keep the value of their “rarity scam” going, Bitcon can not do this.

Quark being neutral control can sit for an indefinite time outside the control of any government or corporation and if people think it is beneficial to accept in the future then this will add human energy to the currency (and consequently a “value”)

expanding on that Quark currency has unlimited boarders (including off this planet)

any energy attached to this entity will adjust its relevant “value”

so as all currency begins its life at or near 0 there is no such thing as an “early or late adopter” to a currency like quark, sure all currency can have speculation but speculation is really aside from the true growth, we are all after all just swapping “things and services”

the obvious flaws in Bitcoin that the foundation and its supporters are sweatily trying to ignore, make that entity only speculation.

Bitcoin’s future value is at or near 0 that’s not a naysayer speculative opinion that is a mathematical decentralized based economic fact.

Quark or a Quark like model with just small variations on the distribution system and algorithm is the best possible candidate for any sovereign or non sovereign’s individualized currency system.


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