Unmanned Russian cargo spacecraft is falling to Earth.

Here is where you can track this object :


I’m blogging about this because i saw this vessel in a vision 3 days ago I knew nothing about the story however recognized it from the vision –


basics important points of the vision:

  • overcast day (light rain at end of vision)
  • random objects falling from the sky (streaks etc not large objects)
  • general concern by the “general public”
  • i did however look up and see the vessel in a break in the clouds (then later recognized it from the story)
  • it did not have the fins out in my vision
  • the location was east coast Australia
  • in the vision the object did not crash on the land (in the time i was having the vision)
  • something else landed here (but this is probably unrelated to this story)

In future I will blog about these things if i believe they can help people be aware of these events, this is an important event as this object is not assured to come down over the ocean.

News : http://www.theguardian.com/science/live/2015/apr/29/unmanned-russian-cargo-spacecraft-m-27m-falling-to-earth-live


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