Pattern of Silence by so called “Human” representatives on off planet radio bursts?

Earth has received 11 Fast high powered radio bursts in a mathematical pattern and…

“Government” and “Main Stream” are not talking about it & people are actually trying to “debunk” it?

The Facts so far:

Please find the Report here:


  • There has been 11 detected Fast Radio bursts (including the most recent and “live” one)
  • Each burst has the equivalent to more power than our sun puts out in one month.
  • they only last milliseconds
  • When the dispersion is measured from the high frequency to the low frequency of the same burst the researchers found that the dispersion distance is always an integer multiple of a single number: “187.5”
  • this basically means that this burst was designed to disperse this way.
  • the only other “best” debunk answer is that there is some very very very infinitely small probability that some “natural” event can cause multiple bursts at spaces evenly spaces around the universe (which implies not a natural event anyhow)
  • Michael Hippke of the Institute for Data Analysis in Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany, and John Learned at the University of Hawaii in Manoa claim there is a 5 in 10,000 probability that the line-up is coincidence. “If the pattern is real,” says Learned, “it is very, very hard to explain.” – source.

  • And the probability number may not include ETA and other data. (feel free to correct me)


earth is receiving mathematically spaced high powered radio busts from space, that might have a lot more information encoded into them.


not only is it not being reported in any “Main stream news” (expected)

(please if you have found this on the front page of your local or major city news paper, please link and correct me)

but no official announcement by any government official yet about this?

(no president on a podium? no band or marching? , no streamers?)

think about that fellow humans…..

Is there an official announcement from NASA or other Government “science” organization on this?

here is some information from 2013 :

Radio Bursts Discovered From Beyond our Galaxy

But since the Mathematical pattern has been found/confirmed we seem to be hearing crickets from NASA??

(i guess they are too busy “discovering” water on Mars hey?)

maybe NASA, Governments, and all the “main stream media” don’t think the mathematical pattern is important?

but … you know what, I think i see a pattern developing here.

Now check this out:

Weird semi disinformation (in my opinion) sites with “edgy” and “hip” names like “GIZMODO”

are actually trying to “debunk” the radio burst?

check it out:

An Alien Radio Beacon? Probably Not This Time.

“probably not this time” based on??

here is a picture of the Author of that story:zdmmuilu8px0saeygc5k

Not to be confused with this guy:


The Author name is listed as “Maddie Stone” (love the purple hair Maddie!)  I searched for the Twitter

here it is :

feel free to drop her a Tweet and ask her based on what scientific information are these radio bursts that have been determined to be off planet by multiple scientific agencies including JPL and NASA in 2013, and are at a mathematical dispersion pattern “probably not” from another Intelligent life from.

I’m going to do that right now and i’ll post here the answer:

Here are my questions:

twitterPattern of Silence by so called “Human” representatives?

Personally I’m not sure about you the reader, but I don’t need a mathematical radio burst from off planet to see the patterns of silence here.

I was going to get that last 10 front pages of the newspapers to represent this but I risk making some readers sick, the fact is are these people your representatives? do you feel represented?

do you think silence like this is representative of humanity?

if you don’t we have to all ask ourselves why?

why would no so called “human representative” be interested in this amazing and earth changing information?

that’s the question you need to ask yourself.


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