Explaining the Fast Radio Bursts, what you need to know (in pictures)

I will attempt to explain with pictures the important aspects of the ‘Fast Radio Bursts’ FRBs that the Earth is receiving from an unknown non earth advanced intelligent entity(s).

I’ll explain why if you add all the aspect to the equation this is a near 100% probability of being a message from our neighbors in the galaxy(s)

(I’m just a humble decentralized economist that studies crypto currency and human behavior so if i get something wildly wrong feel free to correct me.)

What is a (FRB) Fast Radio Burst ?

An FRB is like someone flashing a flash light in the dark  at a distance.


So researchers and scientists have discovered 11 of these bursts so far and just recently they recorded a live burst, all the others where recorded in data on the receivers,  they had received in the past but upon discovering a pattern (and the recent live burst) they were able to go back and find the rest, kind of like knowing what to look for once you have a picture.

Ok so fast bursts of radio energy from space lets see what is unusual about them.

What is Dispersion Measurement (DM)? what does it measure?

Let go back to a picture -:


The important things DM or “Break apart” measures.

#1 DM and Distance.

FRB_DM_distance#2 DM and density of space from source to signal.


Now amazingly the researchers found that when they measured the “Break apart”  distance from the first higher frequency to the last lower frequencies of all 11 of the signals they have found so far,  all of them were a multiple of the number 187.5.

Let me quote the PDF Abstract and translate it:


Here is the report : http://arxiv.org/pdf/1503.05245v2.pdf

Explaining the “break apart” measurement of the 11 bursts.


Almost 100% probability of an intelligent non earth based signal.

The probability of that the DM always being a multiple of the number 187.5 just as a random natural occurrence is around:

5 : 10,000

however that is just a narrow definition of probability (as we will explain) if you add to that equation other information (which i will include here) there is a much much lower probability that this is a “natural occurrence”

i.e it is almost a 100% (lets call it 99%) probability someone outside earth and non earth based is sending us a message, and “human science” and “Human society” is failing you right now, in real time.

A lower probability than 5 : 10,000

We need to add these aspects to the Mathematical pattern:

  • The recording devices of that burst did not see light in other wavelengths which eliminates a number of astronomical phenomena that are associated with violent events such as gamma-ray bursts from exploding stars and supernovae.
  • The FRBs arrived on or close to on a full integer Second in UTC earth time.
  • The signal from the radio wave burst was more than 20 percent circularly polarised and it suggests that there is a magnetic field in the vicinity.

source –



WAIT what about if I’m still living in the 1700’s and i just have to believe that we are alone in the universe?

do i have options? i mean “there’s just not enough evidence”

you do! Grab a soda pop and some GMO corn-chips, switch on the TV, there is always options…

Other possible alternatives:

#1 the Magical Mathematical Neutron Star.


#2 The evenly spaced random non intelligent objects


So what’s it all mean?

Here is a image of what i believe is occurring:


But that’s just the beginning of the message – there is no doubt code all though this signal – however for some reason no one seems to be talking about it?

Let’s face it kids, These people know our distance they know everything about us, if  there was not already order, “peace and advancement” in our part of the universe we would already be either:

1. Dead

2. Knowing (or unknowing) Slaves.

The fact is we are the primitives, we can’t use logic very well..if we believe that a race that can produce these customized signals and have in the abundance of space almost anything they want would find anything we have of vital importance to them to the degree that they would need to come here and “take it”.

That’s our faulty thinking.

And for the thinking people lets go a step further:

The 7 billion people on this single planet, is there a possible value here in us as a workforce etc?

Well not really most processes (if you can think logically)  can be automated at a certain level of advancement.

Well what about “human creativity” could that have value?

Yes indeed it could, but that would only be valuable if shared amongst friends, you can’t “force” someone to cognitively create something.


*I will use a separate Blog post to especially cover the disinformation and silence around this event from our so called “human representatives”, “peers” and “authority figures” I’ll also outline how you can help solve this signal for humanity.



  1. Dispersion measures can be used in conjunction with a model of the Galaxy’s free electron density as a distance indicator. Dispersion measure is often quoted in the rather peculiar units of pc cm-3. This makes it easy to determine the distance to a given pulsar. By knowing the mean electron density n in electrons cm-3, the distance (D) to the pulsar can be computed from the dispersion measure DM.

    DM= n times D

    Source: https://astronomy.swin.edu.au/cms/astro/cosmos/p/Pulsar+Dispersion+Measure

  2. Great stuff. Gives one alot to think about. What would the purpose of these signals be? I personally believe we are slaves,had a legitimate purpose at some point in the past. Is this coming from what is called the great void? Norma constellation? What if the frb’s are a form of control? Like I said gives one alot to think about.

    1. no they are not a form of any control – i wrote this a ‘long’ ‘time’ ago – they were / are a message from a nearby (powerful) in terms of human understanding race.
      they are from the same people that created the crop image if you search ‘beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises.”
      it is probably a direct binary reply from them to the 1970’s signal.

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