Help solve the non earth based FRB code – and identify disinformation.

To learn more about the Fast Radio Bursts :

Explaining the Fast Radio Bursts, what you need to know (in pictures)

Earth is receiving millisecond bursts of radio information here is what we know so far:

  • The signal from the radio wave burst was more than 20 percent circularly polarised and it suggests that there is a magnetic field in the vicinity.
  • The live recorded burst could have hurled out as much energy in a few milliseconds as the Sun does in an entire day (later quoted as month)
  • FRBs did not contain light in other wavelengths this eliminates a number of astronomical phenomena that are associated with violent events such as gamma-ray bursts from exploding stars and supernovae, which were otherwise candidates for the burst.

Now that alone does not fit anything humanity knows about that naturally exists in the universe.

Then researchers produced a document outlining a mathematical pattern found in the DM or ‘Dispersion Rate’ of the Signals.

This is basically a way to usually measure the distance the signal has traveled.

Here is the table of the 11 FRB that were found and I have highlighted the Dispersion Measurement.


frbtableNow what the researchers found was that these DM numbers are all multiples of the number 187.5

here I will “solve” them an update the picture:

frbtable_divAs you can see {375 / 2} = 187.5 and {562.5 / 3} = 187.5 and so on…

the divided multiples are {2, 3 ,4, 5, 6, 9}  and this gets the answer 187.5

What’s missing from the data, what should you be emailing people and asking?

There is no time-stamp, it has been said that these FRBs arrived on or very near the whole integer second in UTC time:

frbtable_dateWhy is there no information on the UTC time stamp?

Update Dates arrived (looking for possible pattern)

the FRB Number is a YY – MM – DD time stamp –

I have ordered them below in date of arrival earliest to latest:

Year 2001 bursts  multiple pattern {4,2,4}

01-06-21  Parkes 750 Keane & Stappers (2012) 4
01-07-24  Parkes 375 Lorimer et al (2007) 2
01-10-25  Parkes 750 Burke-Spolaor & Bannister (2014) 4

Year 2011 bursts  multiple number {5,4,6}

11-02-20  Parkes 937.5 Thornton et al. (2013) 5
11-06-27  Parkes 750 Thornton et al. (2013) 4
11-07-03  Parkes 1125 Thornton et al. (2013) 6

Year 2012 bursts  multiple number {3,9,3}

12-01-27  Parkes {562.5} Thornton et al (2013) 3
12-10-02  Parkes {1687.5} Thornton (2013) 9
12-11-02  Arecibo {562.5} Spitler et al. (2014) 3

Year 2013 bursts  multiple number {4}

13-11-04  Parkes {750} Ravi et al. (2015) 4

Year 2014 bursts  multiple number {3}

14-05-14  Parkes {562.5} Petroff et al (2015) 3

multiple , numbers from date arrived :


My guess is that 187.5 is close to the “normal” dispersion distance that tells us where the signal is being transmitted from in distance.

however there will be much more to this signal, including possibly binary code – but without the timestamps we can’t proceed much further.

Lets predict the future of disinformation

soon Prof. Dr. Michael Kramer

KramerWill release a document stating that there are 5 new FRBs that do not fit the pattern, I would ask everyone to look carefully at the dates of these FRBs and the other information surrounding them, i expect the document will focus on the pattern relationship and try to debunk the pattern found in the original document.

we can only wait and see but if you are careful at observing how disinformation works you will see how the focus of the FRB in every news story is all around the pattern only, here is a good example:

Let me show you how disinformation works and hopefully help people understand and spot it.

Alien FAQ: 6 questions about strange cosmic radio bursts

  • Title mentions “Aliens” to grab attention.
  • Then the story explains that there could be natural explanations however they include some errors:

“Also, if two white dwarf stars – the kind of dead sphere our sun will turn into in a few billion years – crash into each other, they explode in a supernova. That blast could release a fast radio burst.”

that is incorrect based on the known information.

  • Then the focus on the Pattern:

“scientists estimate that 10,000 bursts happen every day.”

  • But make out they are happening every day of the week, also don’t define what an FRB is in the definition of the 11 collected, i.e speed polarization, time-stamp energy etc, so basically use a lose definition of an FRB to make it seem like they are happening all the time.
  • Then there is this doozy !

“Either these new bursts will fit within the same pattern, adding to the eeriness, or they won’t. If not, case closed.”

This basically implies that if any new data doesn’t fit the existing FRB pattern it’s “case closed” on the FRB saga ha ha – don’t mind that you didn’t define what an “FRB” is or that the 11 found have the pattern.

but if any new data comes in that doesn’t fit this pattern then “case closed” it deletes the pattern and we can forget about that pattern and we should do no further investigation? ha ha

That my friends is class A ( or class D) disinformation right there –

and this is in preparation of the report that Prof. Dr. Michael Kramer will produce saying that “uh oh” looks like the FRB were made out of Chicken skin and dough after all !

He will basically “Debunk” the original pattern and say that the 5 new FRBs prove that the pattern is fake, not focusing on any of the aspects i have outlined here.

If you want to help here are Emails where you can reach people for more information:

Prof. Dr. Michael Kramer

Duncan Lorimer

CSIRO Parkes Observatory

Parks Observatory Blog

tweet CSIRO here



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