Why did “Science Journalist” Stephen Luntz Try to convince a bunch of people that FRBs are Microwave ovens?

On 10th of April 2015 –

Stephen Luntz wrote this story for a site called “IFL Science !”



The hilarious part about that title is that it is a complete deception.

however I guess the common trend for people in 2015 is to read a headline but not the story..

Well if you venture into the story you will see “microwave ovens” mentioned a lot of times, but then we find this:

fallacy1So you can see the Title of the story is actually a complete deception, and implies that FRBs are from “Microwave ovens”

But a small part of the content actually proved that the Key FRB 010724  is a real FRB and from space.

Which sets the Key for the pattern:

frbtable_div_redThe Article proves this is a real FRB from space and from our neighbors in space and is not a “microwave oven”

it solve no mystery except if you think this FRB is not from space.

Here is Stephen Luntz Twitter – :


sluntzFeel free to tweet the guy and ask him why he tried to deceive a bunch of people.

And to that point, in the case of real and fake “Facebook” users he at least partially succeeded :

if_FBlYou have to ask your self why someone went to this trouble to misinform humanity on this issue?

The Fast Radio Bursts earth is receiving are real and from out of space, and they are from our neighbors to tell us we are not alone.


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