Human Configuration System.


System is unfinished : V 1.0

These are preliminary PDF’s (they will be updated along with the version)

LAST UPDATE 01-05-16


 An essential introduction:

Contact me here:

By simply signing up and posting a question.


Who am I?

I am the designer of this particular simple (yet complex)  human configuration system.

The configuration system will be posted in a title called ‘system’ at the top of the page.

Please come to  and ask me any more questions.

Please review The human configuration system under the ‘system’ heading and assess it as you will.

The aim of the system is to create a new configuration system to allow the advancement of  this colony and further advance this sector and in a small (or variable) way this universe.

The system is ‘freedom’ based energy neutral system,that allows for efficient decentralization  all i would say is have a look at it, give me feedback.


Or download the PDF and read it in your own time.




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