Understanding Quantum ‘porting’ and consciousness.



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Elon Musk: Chance we are not living in a computer simulation is ‘one in billions’

If we aren’t stuck in a Matrix-style world, then the world is about to end, the SpaceX and Tesla CEO said:



However keep reading, this is a ‘Different’ sort of ‘simulation argument.’

follow along and try to read between the lines.

Virtual Reality

VR (Virtual Reality) is getting pretty popular on this planet and has had a lot of advertisement lately.


However these ‘traditional’ VR devices are attached to the human body, realistically humans will never be ‘fully immersed’ into a ‘VR environment’ with body attachments onto our senses.

So what could the future of ‘VR’ (Virtual Reality) be evolving towards?

Many theoretical physicists, and scientists already claim the that there is extensive  evidence to prove that the conscious (or consciousness) is a separate entity to the ‘Body’.

I will refer to this consciousness as a ‘Qsoul’ it has also been called an  ‘ISBE’

here is one of the main stories related to that:

Has the human soul been found by science?



It is conceivable and probable that in the near future that humans will be able to  fully immerse in a ‘Virtual reality’ experiences by literally moving their consciousness to other ‘Cloned’ bodies and participating in ‘Virtual holidays’ or other ‘VR’ experiences which are to all intents and purposes ‘Real’

this might be considered a type of ‘augmented reality’ but it is really actually ‘reality’ as in most cases the original body that the ‘Qsoul’ is moved from will normally be unconscious at the source.

A lot of these concepts have been covered in many different ‘Sci-fi’ movies and books.

one recent one was in the TV series called ‘Dark Matter’


A Glimpse of future Holidays on Dark Matter TV Series?


Also this concept was covered by ‘Science site’ Space.com :

Travel Via Clone: ‘Dark Matter’ Creator Talks SyFy’s Newest Series


The point of this theory is that humans are porting their ‘consciousness’ to another location (and body) instantly (faster than the speed of light) and having an experience in that body.

Then the memories of the experiences returned to them upon return to their original ‘body’

Of course another obvious example of this was ‘Avatar’ :


This concept by default instantly recognizes what is becoming a mathematical reality to humans.

That the ‘Consciousness’ or ‘Qsoul’ is a ‘separate’ entity to the ‘DNA physical body’


Supposing this original porting concept is achieved, it is easy to imagine (for variable reasons scientific and otherwise) why users  might want to port consciousness and have no residual memories on arrival.

like for example:

If everyone was taking a ‘clone holiday’ (the ‘Dark Matter’ example) and everyone knew everyone else was a clone sure it would be interesting but, for many variable purposes (entertainment and otherwise) it would be feasible that users would want literally no memory on arrival or even ‘pseudo’ memories or a ‘false persona’

For some people this would be the ultimate  VR experience, with your persona memories returned to you on return and added to your original memories.

This was covered in the Philip K Dick novel:

‘We Can remember it For you Wholesale’


Which was later turned into the movie:

Total Recall


However all those scenarios involve entertainment..

However for advanced societies this technology (if realized) would solve many problems far beyond entertainment… think about it..

What about ‘Crime’ and a ‘prison system’?

What about ‘political or military prisoners of war’?

If an advanced society can port consciousness instantly to another body this would easily be a way to set up ‘Reformation planets’ and even research stations, advanced societies could literally ‘dump’ ‘Qsouls’ (people’s consciousness) out to reformation or ‘prison’ colonies.

However with a bit more education me may now find out how they (the source society) could creatively use an interesting aspect of ‘Gravity’ and ‘Time’ …



(Keep reading it’s easy to understand, you will learn something profound)

So if you can (theoretically) port consciousness from one Human DNA container to another, that means it is a ‘quantum based effect’ and not ‘effected’ by ‘time’ in the 3D plane.

This ‘effect’ is the same as seen in the ‘Quantum entanglement’ test, where the change in the Q entangled particles is seen at ‘faster than light’ across the 3D plane. no matter the distance in the 3D plane, it could be ‘light years’

here is a video about that -:


So in theory a ‘consciousness’ or ‘Qsoul’ can be ported at ‘faster than light’, however anything existing in the ‘3D universe’ (i.e a human body) IS effected by Time and especially in relation to Gravity.

lets explain that in plain English…


Remember the movie Interstellar ?


If you will remember there is a scene where the humans are on a planet it was a water planet near a large black hole.

it was called the ‘Miller planet’ or the ‘Water Planet’

The Miller Planet


Because of the gravitational force of the large black hole when the humans were on the Miller Planet for every 1 ‘Hour’ spent on that planet a full 7 ‘years’ passed by on Earth.

Here is a general explanation of that effect to show you that this is a real effect:


Here is an ‘Authority figure’ (for people that like Authority figures) you will recognize telling you that the effect is real:



So because the humans were near a large gravitational source  every 1 ‘hour’ that the humans spent on the Miller planet, equated to 7 ‘years’ that had gone by on Earth.

Now Lets look at exactly the same effect (theory) but in relation to a Galaxy.


The exact same effect could be realized, the center of a Galaxy is a center of gravitational force, an thus time will be perceived to move ‘slower’ closer in towards the center of the galaxy, and out towards the  edge time for the observer would ‘rush on by’

Now lets imagine that an advanced humanoid society is established much closer in to the center of the galaxy.

lets imagine for arguments sake that it is roughly at a position where the left hand bar is as explained in this next image:


So you can see that there is roughly 35 to 40 thousand light ‘years’ between the advanced humanoid society and where Earth is placed.

Lets say for arguments sake that this gravity effect means that for every 1 ‘Hour’ that rolls by at the source society,  1 ‘Year’ rolls by out at the Earth location.


1 ‘Hour’ that goes by there is about 1 ‘Year’ out at the position of Earth.

In theory that source society  would  be able to take advantage of ‘time differentials’  or ‘gravitational time dilation’, exactly the ‘effect’ that was seen in Interstellar.

So lets look at how they could take advantage of this !

lets say for whatever reason (war or other) the advanced source society has a potentially large prison population.

lets say they occupied and set up a ‘reformation colony’ much further out on the arm of the galaxy.

This society in theory could instantly port ‘Qsouls’ (consciousnesses) out to this ‘prison colony’.

They could upload and wipe their memory before porting them.

So (In theory) they would lay their ‘original body’ into a type of ‘chamber’ this would fully preserve and maintain the body for the relatively short time it will be unconscious at the source.

Then their conscious would be instantly ported to the destination much further out on the edge of the galaxy.

It is quite possible that these chambers could look similar to as follows:

‘Minority Report’



‘The Matrix’


BUT remember the time differential :

1 hour at the source is 1 year at the destination.

So one month in a chamber like that would equate to about 730 YEARS out at the colony.

The ‘prisoners’ would come back literally different people.

This would be a boon for a society that had a large prison population, they could port them on various sentences of 100 to 1000’s of ‘years.’ and it might be just weeks or months that go by (at the source) to have them return as literally ‘different people’.


localized structures, portal systems.

In a theory like this there would probably be the need for a localized structure that would host a ‘database’ of recorded memories and the ability to allow for the participants or users to ‘cycle’ back into a localized body.

one way the porting system could work is by using the energy of the local star as a ‘gateway’ that uses a type of ‘encryption’

this would mean that in theory the ‘sentence’ would not be ‘time based’ as such it would likely be based on ‘level of advancement’ or ‘grade based’ a score basically.

So to give a practical example if you arrived though the gateway and started your sentence and you are a (D-) score you might need to be a (B+) before the return portal is rendered ‘open’ and allows you the opportunity for your ‘Qsoul’ to return to your original source body.

these ‘scores’ would be standardized and likely overseen by ‘quantum encryption’ and thus not rendered to manipulation after the sentence.

all those parameters would be pre-agreed to before you began your sentence and you would have (in this theory) agreed to have your memory wiped with it’s full return rendered upon return back to your source body, in theory these things would also be ‘overseen’ by Quantum encryption so they would be ‘trustless’ in a sense.

Upon arrival if a users DNA container becomes non functional i.e upon what humans call ‘death’  if that user has not met the return requirements then the ability to return through original portal will be impossible.

due to the localized structure and these other factors the user ‘Qsoul’ would have to wait in a ‘quantum consensus’ and then reoccupy a new DNA container though a portal that would open in this case in a female human.

the ‘Qsoul’ would then be ‘born’ into a new DNA container and have a new set of experiences in that DNA container.

Once the previously agreed to requirements were met the Q portal back to the original unconscious body at the source destination would be rendered ‘Returnable’ and in the next ‘recycle’ the ‘inmate’ could return.

Upon which he/she would be returned all his/her original memories.

A ‘realist’ view might say any IP (intellectual property) of the inmates ‘lives’ on the colony may be given up to the state or corp that runs the center, but that is just speculation.


All the source society  would have to do is ‘kick off’ a reformation colony, set up the society to the parameters to keep the ‘inmates/researchers’ there, then as they breed…

keep sending new ported consciousness’s (Qsouls) and these people would just take the new human containers, until they have finished their sentence or holiday or whatever…..

It is completely possible (actually based on the evidence probable) that the original ‘starters’ of theses types of colonies were in most of cases ‘clones’ or ‘hybrids’ thereof suited to the localized climates and structures.

One Common Ancestor Behind Blue Eyes


The only thing that would be unusual with this theory is as the colony advanced if  older religious myths died out,  how would the ‘managers’ explain the significant lack of contact with anyone else?

I mean after a point surely the inmates / researchers would start to study these concepts of Quantum mechanics and start to work it all out?

that would be an interesting event indeed.

{added} Gravitational Time dilation different applications

I have explained in here hopefully how ‘Gravity’ can be used in an ‘intuitive’ fashion however it may be possible that this effect can be caused through manipulation of fields.

instead of me outlining that and probably getting it wrong the general outline of such a theory is in the ‘Rick and Morty’ episode  ” The Ricks Must be crazy”

It is Season 2 Episode 6 outlined here:



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