The ‘Twitter’ App is critically failing and closing for 1000’s of people across the world and Twitter doesn’t seem to care. i have a theory…



Welcome to ‘Twitter’ also welcome to Earth 2016…

You may or may not be aware that you are currently existing on a planet that is completely controlled by a monetary system which issues ‘debt instruments’ which the people (humans) use as replacements for their energy in the form of ‘goods and services’

essentially the planet / colony you exist on is an ‘energy extraction’ system..

this keeps humans pretty much ‘circle jerking’ on this colony…

Well, there’s a small boat made of china
It’s going nowhere on the mantlepiece
Well, do I lie like a loungeroom lizard
Or do I sing like a bird released?


how does all that  relate to ‘Twitter’ ?

Well if you are ‘old’ enough or even have a basic education in various types of post World War Two history, you may have noticed an interesting and funny pattern.

believe it or not the ‘Analog’ version of what is currently happening to Twitter (and other centralized ‘social media’)  all occurred in the former Soviet union….let me explain…

The ‘Soviet union’ was a microcosm for a test of a different type of human control system, this was broadly called ‘Communism’  so these two control systems then competed.

In that competition the strict  monetary energy extraction system was the ‘winning system’ for control because it allowed for a better illusion of ‘freedom.’

but as ‘Communism’ was dying the makers and builders of various ‘Analog’ applications i.e the ‘workers’ eventually destroyed the system from the inside because they simply saw no motivation for it to be alive.

The ‘Communist workers’ of the day would have related very much to this bumper sticker:



In many of the same ways centralized ‘Social media’ giants are slowly being pulled apart by their ‘workers’

To the point where we have an ‘App’ that supposedly has been in the market since 2006~ ‘Twitter’

and that App primarily just had the task to route text,  but it cannot perform that basic task..

and this after years of market exposure and feedback….


Once you understand that ‘Communism’ and ‘Capitalism’ are both an [inefficient] and [slightly more efficient] version of the same basic energy extraction system.

Then you will see that all these various ‘Social media’ constructs are just VC head job polished versions of real basic organic systems, systems that would have existed regardless of either configuration, but had to be ‘co-opted’ into one or the other ‘Control mechanism’

but along the circle jerk at a point the ‘Workers’ / ‘Developers’ become so inefficient that they just want the ‘pain to end’


Why does the pain Continue?

The only thing that is continuing the ‘pain’ is the ‘useless eaters’ that continue ‘checking in’ and never look for a basic alternative..

Somewhere in the back end mechanism of that financial VC circle jerk extraction system,  someone sent the message down the line to the Twitter ‘head job Founders’ and told them that they are no longer ‘Financially viable’ unless they ‘pull into line’.

Them ‘Pulling into line’ is the current piece of shit application that does not function in even a basic way to perform the thing that Nokia managed to master in the early 80’s…

The routing of text on a screen.

Summary; OK guys here’s what we gotta do !


Hear me out… we gotta build a time machine…. (forget the technical details we just need to build it!)

We gotta go back to Soviet Russia of he 80’s walk into a wheat field and pick 5 guys and a donkey…..

Then we just gotta get them to bang up a text service ‘App’ to replace ‘Twitter’ and finally ‘End the pain’ for the Twitter ‘developers’





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