How to Fix the Twitter App from crashing (with Plume) Instructions in steps.

The Twitter App is crashing for 1000’s (if not millions) of people around the world and Twitter Corp does not really seem to care, and haven’t told people why they updated the App.


How to fix it  (Steps in images)


 Step 1 -:

Write down your Twitter account email and Password if you don’t do this step you will ‘lose your account’ so you must have access to your log in and password.

Step 2 – :

(for Android) (lets face it iphone users don’t exist or count)

Go to Settings find ‘Apps’



 Step 3 -:

Click into ‘Apps’ Scroll down until you find the Twitter App.

(usually under downloaded Apps)

Click into it.


Step 4 – :

Click ‘Force stop’ then click ‘ uninstall’

(wait for that piece of shit to uninstall)



Step 5 – :

Find / go to the ‘Google Play Store’ App on your phone.en_badge_web_generic.png

Step 6 -:

Search for the ‘Plume’ App the symbol looks like this:



Step 7 – :

Open and log into ‘Plume’ with your Twitter log-in details that you remembered at step (1) and if you didn’t (or skipped that step) sucks to be you right now.


Summary – :

You’re back !

There will be a small advert on the bottom of the free version of this App.

After trying a few Twitter service apps ‘Plume’ is the best i have found so far and I wouldn’t hesitate to pay for the full version based on what I have seen so far.

If you pay for the full App, that advert (I expect) disappears.

This client/App has all the features (and some) of the Twitter corp App it gives you the ‘Twitter’ service.

if you don’t like that outcome, reinstall your non functional bloated Twitter corp App… then go run into busy traffic.

just to see what happens..

you know you want to….

you probably have super powers, just try it…


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