Quantum spectrum of density and is ‘Final Doom’ Real?

OK I mostly added the ‘Final Doom’ part so humans would read this , however keep reading it is relevant. and i plan to cover a few different interesting aspects in this document.

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Quantum spectrum of density and is ‘Final Doom’ Real?

When in what humans call generally the 3D plane it’s easy to always be able to locate objects and places like for example you can say  :

” I went to the coffee shop which is down the road on the corner of X and Y street in Z town”

because we can take for granted that (most of the time ; D shout out to Mandela) locations of coffee shops don’t from second to second , frame by frame relocate while in the 3D plane.

simple enough hey?

Well actually that is counter intuitive to now accepted human ‘Quantum science’ :


The bizarre nature of reality as laid out by quantum theory has survived another test, with scientists performing a famous experiment and proving that reality does not exist until it is measured.

If you read the article at the link you will see that under at least some certain conditions the coffee shop SHOULD be in no fixed position or ‘location’

So we have this gap from what we observe at the Q level and what we observe on the ‘3D plane’ and that’s what I will explain.

you are existing in and across a quantum density spectrum, the density you are currently in now is ‘compressed’ enough or dense enough that the aspect of the matter that result of this density are ‘serialized’ that is to say they are linked together, and this aspect of density compression also causes the ‘time’ and ‘gravity’ effect at this density.

So the simple way to explain:

If the coffee shop was to relocate the matter of aspects that make up the coffee shop would need to be broken down in time > forward projection and moved > forward projection in time to a new location and put back together.

Ok so that’s what most concious entities reading this will take for granted.

What about the spectrum above and below this density spectrum ?

Well just adjacent to the ‘3D plane’ (the rather incorrect name) we will call this density you are in now are other density ‘universes’

The best (human) way to look at that visually is like this:


(Ok so this is the 2D version explanation but totally understandable)

Adjacent density

Lets say the dot is where you exist now, it is the so called ‘3D plane’ now what I want you to notice is that there are concentric circles outside of that dot, now notice that (for this example) every concentric circle outside the dot is larger right?

lets use a practical example:

Let say you are a super secret spy agency and you want to know what is written on the paper in the box that is inside the vault that is in the protected castle.

Well all those things just described exist at the dot on the 3D plane, let say you are an intelligent non human (or human) that has the ability to program adjacent density fields and travel to them.

lets say for argument sake you now program a setting for a density plane right adjacent to the  the dot on the 3D plane so this ‘universe’ pretty much looks and acts just like the ‘3D plane’ but lets say the variable was that all the coffee cups in castle were a different colour. (that’s the biggest difference)

So now you can move to that density knowing that the thing that is written on the piece of paper that is super hidden in the vault is exactly the same (as your technology can test for that change) you can move to the ‘location’ of the vault and the paper read it and leave and in theory go back to the ‘3D plane’

So you will notice i said there were some variations in the adjacent field (the one adjacent to the 3D) well a good way to think about it (variable correctness) is to look at the picture again.

If the dot is where the secret paper was, any concentric circle outside of the dot has more variable probability (light bulb) > see the larger set of variable probability is represented by a larger circle.

So you go out on those circles far enough and the piece of paper becomes a unicorn Narwhal that is swimming in an ocean in Svalbard and it reads you the document but in a language you can’t comprehend.

this is essentially because the probability variable became so great that literally ‘anything’ can happen. you basically won’t even be in a place you recognize.

and of course (as i just explained) the opposite is true you can be just adjacent to where you are and everything pretty much is ‘as is’

Ok but what about actual ‘density compression’ ? you know the point…

ok ok i’m trying here…

So there is a finite number of ‘adjacent’ density where gravity and ‘time’ both act similar and then stop acting that way (as relative to your location on the 3D plane)

in plane English (for humans) outside a certain range shit starts to look strange.

How would humans perceive different densities?

So as you (most humans) are naturally ‘acclimatised’ to this density how will you perceive different densities ?

Lighter density 

Well if you move to a ‘higher freq density’ i.e a ‘lighter’ density time will appear to move ‘faster’ everything will happen quickly, colours will appear brighter.

and you can literally ‘teleport’ to ‘locations’ this is because the ‘mesh’ that serialized the density you are in is no longer as strong.

locations don’t really have a fixed location and the ‘Quantum science’ outlined in the document is the ‘working reality’ in a much more relevant way.

so in these lighter densities the observations match the ‘Quantum reality’ some would say that is a ‘truer’ more ‘correct’ reality. to their current understanding of science.

Lower density

Well move to a lower density for someone acclimatized to human density

they will perceive time to move ‘slower’ and colour will obviously look ‘duller and darker’

also humans perceive slower time though decay, things will look ‘decayed’ gravity will seem ‘heavier’ (to a degree)  or humans may perceive that as having less energy.

the entities acclimatized to this density will need more energy sources to function.

‘Final Doom’ or ‘Stranger things?’

Of course the description of certain lower density sound somewhat familiar…

so the question begs, is that ‘fiction’ life imitating art or the other way around?

I can personally very easily entertain the idea that various races of people at various densities opened portals to lower density, and with various levels of education believed they opened a ‘portal to hell’ then decided to ‘purge hell’ (i.e the door swings both ways.)

humanoids (originally) came about as a result of a long lasting hybridization program which started with a war in a certain set of density, so humanoids were designed for that original purpose.

if you now think about the general story line for the ‘Doom’ series you will see that this is basically the storyline.

i find it quite feasible that humanoids (not humans) at some location(s) on the 3d ‘universe’ opened portals to lower adjacent densities, and tried to ‘purge’ those ‘universes’ or at least certain locations. i have no idea of the outcome.

But I found this ‘Mandela’ at least interesting:


The cover above, of course is not ‘Doom’ but ‘Duke Nukem’ however the theme is apparent.

The apparent ‘Mandela’ for this is that a very similar character in the movie ‘They live’ walks into a bank and says a line, but in this game that same line was reproduced but incorrectly. (for this current reality, but correct to what a lot of people remember)

here is a (I recommend you watch)  video if you want to learn about that  :

In case this video is deleted or censored – : (i have it backed up now) here https://vid.me/hU6P

In the movie ‘They live’ the character  (now) says the line

“I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass and I’m all out of bubblegum”

however in the game Duke Nukem, the line is how most people remember it.

“kick ass and chew bubblegum and I’m all out of gum”

Also on the bottom corner of the Game cover is the brand ‘3D Realms’ with he catch phrase “Reality is our game”

so that is interesting and amusing.

Density and ‘Qsoul’ ‘frequency level’ do they relate?

There is an association that is to say there is an alignment but no not strictly.

there are ‘rules’ by which the ‘plane set’ operate but ‘density’ shouldn’t be confused with ‘Qsoul’ frequency level, and it is an important point that I can maybe expand upon at another time.

For now revel in the likely fact that even though it’s a ‘Stranger thing’ to think about ‘Final doom’ is a real place

: D


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