Contact with Grogorass



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you can join the Sub on “VOAT” called “Contact” it relates Questions or discussion of our Galactic neighbors:

it’s a “fairer” platform for free information.



I had a meeting with a group of people to among other things help reactivate my memory.

The race i saw at that meeting were called the ‘Grogorass’

there were other people also with them however I do not know their name presently.


Who is sending us the Fast Radio Bursts?

The Grogorass and many others are sending humans different messages the Grogorass are sending the Fast Radio Bursts and they are a message to be decoded.  humanity ‘science’ is currently ignoring this message purposely.


How did the meeting occur?

I was “physically” taken onto a ship with around (4) other humans.

What happened?

I was put into a kind of “protective” container this is hard to explain simply however i guess this was so that we could meet our friends as they are and in no “suits” or “glasses” I feel this was important to them.

What did you see?

Thing that most people would not believe basically, including though a wall and into open brilliant space. and other things including the people, we were always seated and basically could not move. i.e we could not walk around.

Who did you meet?

I met two races but only saw face to face the Grogorass.



They are the people that answered Carl Sagan and the other NASA scientist binary message:

Read more about that in the first part of this Blog – :

What do they look like?


They are very old as a race compared to us, and they live much longer than us ( per person)

They probably have a direct relationship with the people that created the human container. (our DNA) but may not have been the people.

what do theses great people look like?

Ok well the best description for how these people’s face and shape of head looks is from a movie called “fantastic planet”


  • The skin tone is probably accurate ( allowing for the low light we were in at that time)
  • Eye spacing is very accurate and head shape almost exactly as is for these people.
  • They have nice little flat teeth (just like us) and the guy that was just 5 inches from my face staring me in the eyes wanted to show me this. (i guess)
  • Height is as they described (in the message see Carl Sagans reply) around 4 feet tall.
  • body type is like that of what we would think is a small child or a baby.
  • I have heard people talk about “teletubbies” it’s not a bad physical description.
  • Eye color to me appeared as much darker from the pupil almost to be black (than imaged above) but this could have been due to low light,
  • these people have almost perfectly round eyes.

Super intelligence, yes they have a larger cranial area and they were literally flying around in a Pyramid so i’m going to go ahead an assume they are a few 1000’s of “years” ahead of humanity from a technical standpoint, however if/when earth is integrated fully into the larger group of galaxies we should be able to close this gap somewhat.

Movement :

The start of the little “ritual” the guy did was he stood in front of me waved his arms and then walking towards me.

as he walked it was like a rocking side to side motion his/her head seemed perfectly postured they showed me this purposefully.

If i did see their hands i didn’t clearly look at it to the degree to count fingers etc you have to understand i was in a mild state of shock to the degree that i guess by the end i had frozen up, but they knew this and i was blanked out pretty quickly after the “demonstration”


Messages from other races here present now on earth.

I have had many messages since that time from many different races that are in our upper and lower atmosphere and in the immediate vicinity of this colony

come to:

to read more and ask me any questions.









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