the ‘Qsoul’

Science of 3D plane the ‘Qsoul’ and the meaning of “lives”

Human science sometimes confuses the outcomes of a lot of observational evidence, this is caused by our information control environment.

For example our information has been so controlled that there is patently some things our “science” can’t talk about.

the “quantum” field is feeling this pressure now and in the recent past actually.

This leads humans to create acrobatic style answers, which make not much logical sense, when sometimes the answer is right there.

First just so you know if you can or can’t accept this (I’ll save you time if you can’t) this outlines how you (yes you) can not “die” what you think is “death” is just becoming conscious in only one plane at which point, you occupy a new resonate DNA representative and start again. (after a process)

The 3D Plane and the 2nd Plane.

Leaving aside “dimensions” ( i will explain this confusion)

There are two primary “planes” of existence (that matter to us now)

you as an entity exist actually in both, but you are now only consciously aware in one or the other.

The best way to explain these two planes is with an “infinity symbol”

2ndplane1There are basically “infinite” multi-verse  in each plane. but whatever multi-verse you are in in one you are also in the other in the 2nd plane..

ok so what’s the meaning of life?

Well great question, in the 3d plane you are a DNA representative of yourself in the 2nd plane basically what you are is a quantum frequency, you are a resonate quantum frequency that is conscious, your resonate frequency basically determines the DNA that you occupy.

I’m going to call this a “Q soul” for ease ok this just means “Quantum soul”

you have changed between these two states many times, (will explain)

So lets do a practical example:

Joe “died”

Joe was in the 3d Plane and his DNA became non functional, what happens next?

At the point Joe’s DNA and his Q soul separate, he can’t be conscious in the 3D plane any longer.

basically at the instant of separation a “snap shot” will be taken of his DNA form and his Q soul will appear just like that in the 2nd plane.

What is a DNA image?

Joe has two 3D image forms he has the one that he is when he died.

and he has an “optimum” version of himself. this is in theory the perfect DNA version of him.

Here i will show you how human science has even discovered the DNA image – :

they happen to be humorously using it to shame littering people –  that’s the human way !

also here in “new scientist”

The “meaning of life” is two pronged:

1. To learn

2. To repair yourself in the 2nd plane and then (see 1.)

lets explain that:

1. Learning, how you learn.

You can only “learn” experiences in the 3D plane – as far as anyone knows that’s the reason it exists.

of course many people are going to say “it can’t be this simple” there has to be more planes, well yes obviously however (as i will explain) you can use the next say 10,000 years to wonder about that if you like.

How do you learn?

believe it or not your DNA gets written to in real time if you learn something profound that is going to lead you to “shift frequency” ever so slightly you may even feel a physical pressure in your head.

And what do you know human friends here is just a few months after i write this human science has decided to talk about it:

A Surprise Source of Life’s Code

Emerging data suggests the seemingly impossible – that mysterious new genes arise from “junk” DNA

I have independently confirmed this with 4+ people that is to say i spoke to them and they volunteered this information the “pressure” (without me asking), then the woman i know that is in communication with her Reptilian family, they explained that is “evolving”

Some theoretical quantum physicists would say that when a “shift occurs” you have actually moved to a new multi-verse, I will explain this with a picture I am still “wrapping my mind around it” myself.

2. “Repairing” how do you repair?

When you appear in the 2nd plane as a form of your separated self (point of DNA separation from Q soul)

you will have to “repair” your Q soul so that you are ready to then recycle back into the 3D plane – (there is help)

This is because you are not your optimum DNA “self” image, this will be done over time

you basically have to get your Q soul “energy image” to your optimum “DNA image”

depending on your “education” and state you are in at separation, this will not take long but once you are ready for recycle you and only you decide.

free will reigns.

so for example if you are determined to recycle no matter what, no one can stop you your Q soul will occupy a DNA and the “operating system” can and will be damaged.

I.e you will be deformed in some way at birth from a DNA state.

(you can be deformed by a negligent parent and this is called “bad luck”) (but how do we prove it? mind bending i know..)

^listen carefully to the lyrics.

Does “God” exist in the 2nd Plane?

nope – sorry there is no god, but i can give you something that is close if you are feeling down about this.

In the 2nd plane there is an ancient race of beings they only occupy the 2nd plane – they basically manage it.

simple math has to say they are as old as this 3d universe (and maybe much older.)

They appear in their “real” form as a “blue light being” however if you are “uneducated” they will humorously take a form that does not alarm you or scare you.

so people that have an “Near Death Experience” and claim they met “Jesus’ or ” Buddha” sure they may have but they probably met just a form they projected.

these people manage the math of the 2nd plane and they help uneducated people repair – in virtual “hospitals” and do many other things for help.

The math of “God”

What will be made available to you there is a set of mathematical options that you can return too, to learn more.

you will often visualize this as “lives” you have had (time does not really exist in the 2nd plane.)

So people will interpret it as going back to “fix” those things they did incorrectly. (those lives)

what will really happen is you will recycle as a new born and have a whole new “like” experience having the opportunities to “learn and fix” the things you need to “learn and fix”

the blue beings control none of this (that I’m aware), they just make the options available, they just help you get there.

So God does not exist (in a direct way in that plane) (i.e the “blue light being” are not god), advanced races say time and time again “god is in you” what they are saying is , “you decide” because you have the Q soul, and this is indestructible it is existing across planes so literally the 3D Universe could explode you will still exist.

OK disclaimer on “GOD” **

I mean “God” does not exits in that plane (the 2nd plane) in a direct way.

Is there an “Ultimate Creator” of all this system?

Well, people that are much higher up the ladder than me think about this, so i can not say there is not, and some recent visions explained this a little more to me, so I need to tell you,  I’m not saying that “God” does not exist,  just not in the direct way humans perceive.

if you want to care about the direct things, the things you should be looking at are:

  • “Free Will”
  • “Mathematics” of free will.

These rule this “plane set” the one you are existing in right now.

How do you progress?  Is there an “end game”

great question.

lets make pictures.


Lets say your Q soul is “new”

if you can figure out where a “Q soul” comes from sure get back to me, also tell everyone else in the 3D universe so if you really want to believe in “God” maybe here is your out?

If your Q soul is not “developed” or “old” you might exist here:


So take note of the 2 points where you exist, these correspond to the “universe” the multi-verse you exist in, remember this is just a visual representation (but the best one i can think of to explain)

notice you are always existing in both spots and at both frequency.

if you are existing closer to the “outside” you are basically like an animal, you are an animal, you will experience the 3D universe in a very base way.

you will have multiple short lives until you learn experiences in the DNA version of you.

each time your DNA version will be appropriate to your Q soul, so you can take a multitude of DNA containers.

now notice the two other lines i drew down the 50% point on each plane?


Theory could suggest that this represents the 0 (zero) point of “development” you will notice that past this point the “universe” stretches and “warps” out towards the intersection point between the two planes.

as you develop “in-wards”  towards that intersection point your experience of both this 3D universe and the 2nd plane will differ.

the 3D plane will seem less “fixed” and more “2nd plane” like but this generally takes people 1000’s of years.

At a point of “development” and learning you will cross this intersection point, what happens then is up to your best guess, but I’m personally going to worry about my next 5000 to 10,000 years and then I’ll maybe ponder this.

before that I’m going to figure out what place humans play in the 3D universe as a whole.

Will add notes links and expand – feel free to ask questions here or on my AMA –

The 2nd Plane for current human relevance.

Jim B. Tucker, MD 1
This White Paper Published in 2008


On Page 1 you will find a sub heading “Typical Features”

typicalfeaturesI friend just made this document aware to me, I can explain these features simply as anyone would be able to that can use logic:

  • The human memory wipe being complete at the latest by age 5 to 7~
  • The “unnatural death” is a feature of the “cause and will” to come back in what they feel is a more urgent manner.
  • They took the risk to come back early becasue they felt they needed to, and the Birthmarks are an effect of that, they returned here without completing the full “healing” process.
  • They took the “risk” that by returning before full healing they would be able to “fix” the perceived unbalance equation they need to fix.
  • If they had of stayed longer and healed longer the birth marks would not be present, however some that come back too early are either not born {still born} and return, or malformed and can not communicate.
  • So to them it is a “Risk /Reward” and these people appear to be in a rush to return for a motivated reason.
  • That perception of “motivation” relates to the type of death.

What about your eyes?

Some human scientists know about the basics of the 2nd plane system and our recycle system.

however it is easy to see why our current configuration system is opposed to this information.

the “money” debt system relies on continued “growth” this is literally the opposite to understanding you have an indestructible Q soul.

however you might have seen the movie :

This information is correct and real, actually if you watch the movie carefully, if you listen carefully the girl that tells the main male actor she is an “Alien” you might be able to figure out more to the story than just the story, see if you can ; D

So if you get an eye scan, an IRIS scan this will stay the same across your recycles (indefinitely as far as i know).

so example if you scan your IRIS keep it on record now then become non functional “die” and come back here (to this planet) and new born eyes were scanned if you have a match that is you.  simple.

“wrap your mind around that”  – i quote this becasue it is what an advanced race said to me/us one time : D

When do you forget?

when you arrive in the 3D plane from the 2nd plane you will carry a lot of memories of the knowledge you have, but then at about the age 4~ your brain will have basically completed a “reset” so technically your previous life ends at about the age of 4 years  : )

There are a multitude of children that are documented actively talking about who they were previously:


Child remembers his own murder and leads to the conviction of killer:

(Now here is some probability that makes one go “hmm”)

There is much more information I will add but feel free to {Ask Me Anything} here- :

Just sign up and make a new discussion.



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