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How to add a page to Internet Archive ‘Way Back Machine’ so that it is saved.

We can never be sure of the reason but probably partly due to something called the ‘Mandela effect’ Google (NSA) has been spamming a ‘wrong’ version of the internet archive to the top of it’s search results:

The incorrect link is :

and it seems that the web developers have not fixed or noticed this.

which as you can see has caused many new users (initially myself included) to not see anywhere on the page a simple ‘upload’ section.

(this totally could change when they fix this loophole)

but here is a list of people that were having the same issues:

you can see the recent post from this year 2016

here is a quick screen dump to show you there is not ‘save page’ button on the .org page:


and here is a quick Screen dump to show that ‘Google’ is pushing the ‘wrong’ or ‘damaged’ link:


This sort of spamming takes me way back !  (boom tissssh!)


if you simply go to the correct link :

^^^ which simply has ‘web’ on the front

(you might want to pass this problem onto the web owners)

you will see “Save Page now” down on the right , that’s the link you are looking for.

“would have got a way with it too if it wasn’t for you meddling kids! “