Mandela Effect

Bottom of the Rabbit Hole.


i think it’s long enough now.


For some people this may be ‘The Bottom of the Rabbit Hole’, but those will be the few.

For the many this will be little more than the confusing ravings of a guy on the internet, and both divergent opinions please me greatly, simply because this means there is a reason to write this.


Prerequisites for apparent Comprehension:

If you want to try to get the most out of this info you will have to have read (and have the capacity to entertain) the following ‘V/Contact Elite’ documents:





They are also all linked at the right hand side of:


If you are ‘brand new’ but have been ‘Mandela effected’ or for any other reason then you can read along and then retrospectively go back and read those other documents to try to get a broader view (if you so wish)


So now I’m going to attempt to fill in a few gaps from my (little human 666 microphone) opinion, which will help some people understand aspects of ‘reality’ beyond the ‘good guys’ V ‘bad guys’ show.


Lets talk about the end of the ‘human race.’

It’s happened many times on many different ‘Timelines’ but today i want to focus on the timeline I’ll call the ‘2012’ timeline.

The ‘2012 Timeline’

Year 2008

So roughly in 2008 most of the ‘leaders’ of the planet Earth moved what they saw as the basis of their configuration system (Gold and other things) to the Mars colony (which was long before pre-registered with the CG) this caused a ‘Bank collapse’, i.e a configuration collapse.


Year 2009

– The Financial collapse occurs and is not patched up and ‘chaos’ spreads.
– The magma continues to destabilize due to the approach of the Binary star and the corresponding effect on the local Star (the Sun)


Year 2010

– The Binary Star is close enough to effect the Earth but in this ‘timeline’ there is much less help from various other races, this causes a lot of devastation Yellowstone erupts and many other Earthquakes occur.~

– Tsunami etc parts of the coastal areas are completely decimated by the ocean(s)


Year 2011

– The Chaos continues many of the coastal areas have been wiped out by tsunami the visual aspects have appeared in the sky and the sun has effected the Earths surface as the gravity field of the Binary star has effected greatly the gravity of the Earth, and the magnetosphere, this is where the images of the ‘purple sky’ come from as the Aurora come close to the surface of the Earth, in this case it causes these colors.

– Fukushima melts down, all cores melt down due to the purposeful malfunction of the cooling system there is an open air explosion there is no aid given by any other non human race and most of Japan (what is left) is uninhabitable, the Radiation spreads across what is left of the continental USA and then across the Atlantic into the EU and Russia. (covering the Northern hemisphere.)


year 2012

– The Binary star completes it’s circuit around the sun with continuing effect on Earth.

– Those that have pre-prepaired at instructions of the ‘Elite’ begin with the ‘cleanup’ – most of the forces arrive from off of the Earth colony from the Mars colony some are also in underground bunkers.

– This Puts those people at a critical advantage to reconfigure the Earth Colony with their configuration, there as been contact on an individual level with other non humans for various individuals but not ‘Planet Wide’ so in this case those people that were wanted on other colonies (but are above the ‘minimum frequency’) have been relocated. (according to free will and with consent)

– The rest of the population that ‘died’ are split by the new frequency encryption that has been set by the sun portal (which is presumably set at the center of the galaxy)

– So basically most under a certain ‘Encryption’ frequency will NOT be able to return to this ‘2012’ local density on the 3D plane, they will have to either return ‘home’ or be relocated to another relevant colony of the correct frequency. returning ‘home’ (it is assumed) is based on the contractual frequency that was set at the beginning of the ‘Sentence’ but could (in theory be controlled by the ‘Sending’ party.

There is a very ‘jarring’ (for many) ‘Mandela effect’ which makes a mention of this ‘2012’ timeline, this is done though the movie ‘Moonraker’ in which Dolly loses her braces, if you look into the movie (or were a fan) you will understand that the plot is basically this theme.

See here:


Also i have to link this because it’s hilarious:


Dolly losing her braces could be seen as a broad reference to a ‘new start’

Or you can take any opinion you might like from it, however it refers to what i just wrote about, and is to tell you to ‘Remember the Future‘ in that respect, as i will explain.



Now we have to skip forward (and way back) for a little while …

for this document i will chose the ‘year’ 2255.

Year 2255~

Now what i wrote will seem ‘scary’ and chaotic but to put it into context we have to go back to where ‘humans’ come from and what ‘humans’ are.

in the year ‘2255’~ i assume scientists from that year know (at least some) of this information so i need to bring you the reader (of relevant frequency) up to date. (and do it with the least amount of writing)

so to do that we will now pause and go to the ‘Genesis of humans’


The Genesis of ‘humans’

Due to gravitational time dilation we are talking about BBY (the time stamp used in ‘Star Wars’ ) and really ‘Trillions’ of Earth years ago.
but i am just going to say ‘BBY’ to signify a ‘very long time’ in human terms.

so BBY years ago when the ‘Universe’ was that much newer Two or more Empires basically went at it, in a broad disagreement on whatever you would like to make up as a reason, real estate, etc , pride, all the normal reasons wars start.

One empire was the ‘Reptilian’ empire headed by ‘Mary’ she then a ‘Purple Reptilian’ species / race and the figurehead of a vast empire that took in various galaxies.

The other Empire as a human talking to you today i know less about, however the war became ‘nasty’ as all wars do, and every thing you can think of as a human as a means of war was used, yes so called ‘AI’ and ‘Robotic’ ‘Automation’ various weapons.

but the ‘nastiest’ part was yet to come, that would be the biological aspect of the war.

both parties to this conflict were developing extensive hybrid biological systems as solders the ‘Reptilians’ primarily sourced ‘Reptilian’ genus for their hybrids and these were quite effective.

Then the opposition patched together a new hybrid, this had a Primate base but with aspects of ‘Reptilian’ and many other parts mixed in, this was the first thing you could later call ‘Humanoid’ and it was designed for the express purpose of that conflict.

The originals in hybrid container were larger and ‘cruder’ but effective and ‘creative’,  ’emotional’ a ‘wonder’ of ‘modern’ warfare.

however it was shown that a physically smaller design which was faster breeding and ‘nastier’ i.e more emotional and more ‘creative’ was to be the ultimate ‘success story’

The Reptilian Empire headed by ‘Mary’ emulated these designs but were much more apprehensive about investing in them as they could easily see and outcome in which giving modern weapons to these new ‘designs’ (essentially at that time animals) could have ‘explosive’ and negative effects.

it turns out all those apprehensions were accurate, which ended up in ‘explosive and negative effects’ (depending on whom you ask)

The ‘Reptilian’ Empire was defeated and split into segments, ‘Mary’ was eventually deposed of her position not long after executing her ‘King’ and the commander.

The humanoids for their part rampaged and deleted planets and peoples/species alike and like so many out of control animals, but they did not stop at that point, they then turned on their original ‘Creators’ carving out a large chunk of ‘Real estate’ of the ‘Universe’ the ‘Creator’ race tried to stop them but put up a feeble resistance as the humanoids had already acquired most of the technology and real estate from the fractured ‘Reptilian’ Empire.

Now in very simplified terms you can say the ‘Universe’ was split into 3 (kind of) empires:

– 1. The Creators of the humanoids still had an Empire

– 2. The Humanoid empire which quickly formed into various corporate states of the various hybrid designs.

– 3. The Fractured Reptilian Empire. Which then also split into various principalities.

As with all things ‘Time’ heals on density and the Humanoids began to genetically advance themselves just as all DNA containers can and with the available technology they were able to do this.

They became more and more ‘civilized’ with frequency and DNA advancement but kept the militaristic and ‘police state’ configuration of the Empire.

For a small look into a version (opinion) of the ‘humanoid’ empire in structure and politics try watching a TV series called ‘Dark Matter’ :

Dark Matter (2015-)

I’m sure there are many other examples.

The humanoid empire was / is a structure of corporate states which is essentially a ‘police state’ in it’s super structure.


The Development of the ‘CG’

AS it turns out this war left a lot of room for lots of entities that didn’t want to live under the aforementioned 3 options, they didn’t want to live in any of the ‘Empires’ or ‘police states’ that were left after the war, they wanted to create an essentially ‘non aligned’ group.

Part of this also came about due to the fact that the humanoid empire after being establish quickly went on an ‘expansion phase’ taking in various new areas of the ‘universe’ and acquiring that real estate and resources as only they knew how.

This was the genesis of the ‘CG’ or Community Galactic’ or ‘Community of Galaxies.’

If you remember the sci -fi movie ‘Independence day II’ the White sphere mentions that the higher technology ‘level’ entities find races that want to be independent and ‘seed’ them with the technology to defend themselves.





This is basically the principal and in doing so these original Races have in the early days an ‘insurance policy’ against any single force such as was the humanoid empire of the time, or indeed a resurgent ‘Reptilian’ empire. (or any other for that matter)

So with some logic you can see that it makes sense and for the ‘universe’ to have a ‘Community of Galaxies’

Part of the old ‘Reptilian’ Empire helped form the ‘CG’ as did aspects of the former ‘Creator’ empire of humanoids (including many humanoids) and then from there many many other groups and races as ‘time’ on this density moved forward.


‘Reformation’ or Frequency advancement colonies.

The humanoid Empire (The old Empire) for their part along the way to a higher level of Advancement were faced with many immediate problems.

But the most immediate were an expanding population of ‘lower level’ humanoids which were left over from the wars and the ‘expansion’ period.

This is simply because humanoids were originally designed to breed this way, and the ‘lower’ level the more breeding generally occurred.

This is how so called ‘Reformation colonies’ were conceived.

If you were a humanoid of a ‘lower level’ frequency in the humanoid empire you basically had a target on your back to be sent to a reformation colony.

Sometimes these sentences were completely warranted (examples are violent irrational criminals)  sometimes they were much less warranted in terms of ‘legality’ but were always aimed at raising the frequency of the humanoid.

likely the reformation colony option was always perceived as better than the alternatives offered.

The basic process was that the sentence would be set and agreed upon with the return portal being activated upon the ‘user’ or participants achieving the target frequency level.

For a look into the basics or an example of ‘frequency discrimination’ although fictional it may help you to look at a film called (funnily enough) :

‘Frequencies’ (2013)

again it is not specifically relevant to a reformation colony but gives you a small look into the idea of ‘frequency’ advancement.

You are living on one such Colony and many of you are mid or end of ‘sentence’ some are not but most humanoids on Earth are.


What happened to the portal?

basically the ‘wave’ or change that has been referred to by Mythi and others is the ‘minimum’ portal frequency encryption being set.

how this basically works is that if you are below the ‘minimum’ cut off encryption frequency then when you ‘die’ (leave your DNA container) you will be unable to return to this locality on the 3D plane.

you will need to move to another designated colony of the correct (but lower) minimum frequency level. (in this example)

As the ‘portal’ for return here has been upgraded to a new ‘minimum’ this basically forces an ‘upgrade’ to the frequency level of the colony.

in the ‘2012’ timeline this meant that the shift ‘upgrade’ was dramatic and quick, because the effects of the Binary star wiped the colony indiscriminately of a lot of the population.

In this density it is not dramatic (as of today) because there still exist a huge variance of frequency on the colony.


The Humanoid Empire loses control of the ‘Earth’ reformation colony.

About 10 to 14 + thousands of years ago (Earth time) the humanoid empire lost free access and control of this part of the ‘universe’ which was a part of the former ‘Reptilian’ empire.

I would assume it was to Airl’s group whom did this,  however that status change did not change the configuration of the colony.

As the occupying force that took the area is (likely) not a part of the CG it handed the colony (and possibly this area) over to the CG for administration.

Perhaps an irrational aggressor might have eliminated the colony… however that would indeed be irrational, illogical and likely would have the opposite effect to the desired one.

As the humanoid Empire would simply render the portals open at the source and the occupants of the colony would arrive home to possibly ‘suit up’, pick up the advanced weaponry they have at their disposal to meet ‘Airl’ (or the opposition) group soon again in a much much more ‘effective’ capacity.

Instead the Colony was passed on the the CG and the group lets call them the ‘UGA’ (United Galaxies Aligned) that oversees this area of the CG predominantly, also due to the control links that were established with various ‘Government’ of Earth.

Also as per rules and regulation of the CG Earth is Registered as a ‘humanoid’ colony.

The UGA is a group of many races which is a CG member and includes what humans call ‘Reptilians’ this is primarily because this area of the ‘universe’ was a part of the former reptilian empire.


So lets summarize (splain) in Plain English:

You are a ‘mental patient’ on a colony that is / was a ‘mental institution’ or ‘advancement colony’ for an expansive ‘Police State’ corporate / militaristic humanoid Empire.

This Empire still  currently occupies a large segment of the ‘universe’ with power and influence.

This Empire was one of the primary motivators for the development of the ‘non aligned’ CG or Community of Galaxies.

So in simplistic terms of ‘Good guys’ and ‘Bad guys’ ‘humans’ are unfortunately the ‘Bad guys’ (actually the mentally damaged of the bad guys) as viewed by many parts of the ‘universe’ that view the universe in those simplistic terms.

Fortunately for us most of the ‘Civilized Universe’ does not see the ‘Universe’ in those simplistic terms.

However as I speak to you today i see many humans do see life in these simplistic terms weather though lack of education or ‘Religion’ so it is extra ironic for those people to find out they are in those simplistic terms:

‘some of the  worst of the bad guys’

or maybe

‘The groups that the bad guys thought needed reforming’

Human ‘Government’

The leaders of this colony just naturally emulate the militaristic nature of the home empire, (as may be expected)

This has simply been a source of observation and study for the period since the humanoid empire has lost this area and it was passed on to the UGA.

Some of the earliest full time observers where those that set up the so called ‘Black knight Satellite’

The interactions between the government and UGA members (and other groups) has been to keep the colony ‘contained’ and to allow for more observation and study.

Also as humans are an ‘older model’ design DNA container their DNA is of some perceived value in the wider ‘Universe’ so that has been of interest to different races, for a whole variety of reasons.

These interaction have for the most part always been according to the ‘rules and regulations’ of the CG.

However in that time many humanoid (and some other) groups continue to send new people to the colony for ‘Advancement’.

There is no ‘cut off’ to this, except for the frequency encryption, basically if the local exists on the 3D plane people can be sent, if people at the source believe it is worthwhile they will continue to do so, the only limits are the people breeding at the destination (which hasn’t seemed to be a problem)

There is no reference to the singular ‘source’ as in the ‘new age’ reference, the ‘sources’ are other various humanoid (mostly) colonies or empires.

The various UGA members as ‘overseers’ can and do make individual agreements with humans they see as useful or advanced enough to be future members of the UGA and CG in various capacity.

This included hybridization programs, which the ‘Government’ agreed to, and ironically the citizens agreed to by voting,  and is laudable (to use myth’s language) as the aim is an acceleration of frequency advancement.

As you would know, the rules to entry of any colony into the CG is that the population of the colony achieve a certain overall frequency level and this then means they can be granted full membership to the CG.

Earth colony will, when this is achieved enter the CG as a ‘humanoid colony’ in part of the UGA, Mars will also enter as a part of the UGA other colonies on Mars (as mentioned by Mythi) will enter (or are already) in the CG, other CG members have created colonies in this area also and these will also enter the CG (or are already members).

The ‘Sol’ system is registered under the CG as a ‘humanoid’ area, which sits inside the area of the UGA which is a former part of the old Reptilian empire.

Now if you got this far (I know some of you did ) we can go back to 2225~ on the ‘2012 Timeline.’

{jump in this density portal}….


Year 2225~ on the ‘2012 Timeline’ (example)

As you have read on this ‘timeline’ the human ‘government’ ‘Elite’ has taken over the Earth colony by taking advantage of the Binary star and drastically reducing the population of the reformation colony and replenishing it with their own people which means the colony now has a higher level all be it with a ‘Police State’ feel of the old home Empire.

lower level individuals can not return to the colony as the portal frequency has ‘upgraded’ to a new ‘minimum’

As a general result of this singular ‘event’ (the Binary star event) this colony is eventually disbanded (as a humanoid Colony) by about the year 3300~ (this is in no way accurate to the ‘year’)

Why the ‘2012’ colony was not a huge ‘hit’ with the CG fans was that (as you have now learned) the humanoid empire was one of the prime reasons for the inception of the CG.

So after the reconfiguration of the planet around 2012~ the inception of a ‘mini’ (all be it milder) version of the same empire in a UGA section of the CG wasn’t a ‘hit’ with the crowd.

The rules of the CG state that any equivalent member of the same level can interact with any other colony of the same level however it is strictly voluntary.

The ‘2012’ ‘Timeline’ was not a boon for interaction because simply the other members are generally opposed to a ‘military designed’ and lead colony, also I should mention that ‘AI’ played a part in the new configuration and many other colonies are wary of ‘AI’ in relation to direct configuration of populations.

No need to shed a tear for ‘2012 Earth’ most of the humanoids were relocated and / or went back home, some joined other UGA colonies in various capacities.

The UGA and CG was (mostly) fine with this (on this timeline) as the colony was generally viewed as an ‘anomaly’ the way it was configured in the militaristic manner, and this could not be shifted due to the free will rules that govern the CG.


Nearing the bottom of the Rabbit hole

However some humans scientists on the ‘2012’ density could see the end and wanted a ‘better deal’, they didn’t want to have to choose between going ‘home’ or waiting for another relevant colony in the UGA or CG, they wanted to see if they could make the Earth colony more useful to the CG and UGA in a symbiotic manner by interacting with all the relevant people in this sector of ‘universe’.

So they with the help of other advanced entities of the UGA and elsewhere contacted an entity which humorously the human bible myths called ‘Lucifer’ (to all intents and purposes anyhow)

The bible is mostly a story of myths but has also been likely used as a ‘code’

‘her’ (most see Lucifer as a what humans define as a ‘female’)

This is ‘her’ logo:

(Well it’s really just the ‘G’ the shapes are just associations, most of the entities in the  ‘universe’ past a certain ‘level’ do not use names they use symbols.)

it’s upside down here maybe to represents the way ‘she’ sees the world on Earth.

‘She’ negotiated with various groups and it was agreed if an invitation was given to shift the humans of the relevant frequency to a new density.

But it could only be done if it could be proven (mathematically) that everyone (that was participating) was getting a ‘better deal’, also there needed to be a ‘catalyst’ to warrant to action as per ‘universal’ rules and ‘equilibrium math’

This included all of the UGA they were the primary participants that needed to mathematically have a better deal it also included the relevant parties of the CG as the Earth colony is registered as a humanoid colony.

Humorously enough, ‘Lucifer’ (close to an infinity density cycles back) was the same entity that ‘Mary’ the head of the ‘Reptilian Empire’ had executed on or near the end of that Empire, humorously as a human i learned that when Mythi and Grosvonor (both attending) passed the ‘replay’ message back to me that showed the event  (I’m not sure who sent the message.)

‘Mary’ upon leaving this density BBY years ago, moved to a density which was a larger version of that (her) empire and a larger ‘Draconian’ leader (in terms of power) and so it goes, as ‘time’ moves differently on different density many of the people on this density would not be seeing her for a long ‘time’ (not in many of their cycles) good enough to say and to quote someone “She was in a dark place that she wasn’t coming back from”

not so! (and was never going to be so) ‘Lucifer’ quickly got over the small matter of ‘his’ (then) bloody execution.

So ‘Lucifer’ thought it would be amusing and helpful to go and get ‘Mary’ and bring her to Earth (with her consent) and to bring her and the UGA back together, this pleased many in the UGA greatly.

Now this ‘Magic’ is not so Magic to some level of entities but the many that would have done this couldn’t do it, and there were some that could do it but wouldn’t. (as they saw no reason.)


Would but Couldn’t, Could But wouldn’t ?

Lets talk about ‘Could but wouldn’t’

There is a technologically advanced race that have called themselves the ‘Rituli’ or humans know them as the ‘Tall Grays’ (Mythi may have called thier group the ‘mmo’ as designated by the CG) they and others have been interacting and observing the human government(s) development.

They could but wouldn’t have brought ‘Mary’ to the Earth colony because as the former and future leader and figurehead of the UGA she would somewhat complicate their relationship and position with the UGA. (and other groups)

So ‘Lucifer’ had to look into these and other valid concerns.

Eventually it was worked out so that ‘Mary’ could benefit by also benefiting this race of talented (and i think personally lovable) individuals.

Other entities of various other races just did not really see the relevance of ‘Lucifer’ attending Earth at all and from their perspective they saw a path forward (for this relevant density) did not need any relevant shift apart from how they were dealing with it.

In simplistic terms , Some saw ‘Lucifer’ as interfering to help the ‘Reptilians’ (due to past history) and some ‘Reptilians’ of Royalty saw ‘Her’ as interfering for the sake of interfering (or for Mary) or to help groups in the ‘humanoid’ section of the CG.

And for a brief moment in bible terms ‘Lucifer’ was at odds with all the other ‘gods’

also ‘attacked’ (physically human 666) by some of the representatives of the current configuration of the Colony, (possibly  at the behest of the ‘old empire’)

but as she’d just come from ‘A dark place you don’t come back from’  this was a manageable situation. (more of a shock.) and a lot of misunderstandings were understood.

also it should be noted some of these were simply ‘tests’ with humorous and informing  results. (but lets keep the document readable an not write a novel)


Why could ‘Lucifer’ be on Earth?

Why / How could we ‘density shift’ ?

As explained there needed to be a consensus and an invitation for a ‘better deal’ for the humanoids of the relevant frequency to continue the colony or continue the existence of the colony past projected estimations. however there also needed to be an ‘equilibrium catalyst’ .

And in this ‘Timeline’ of course you will notice that a star got moved, it’s a small star, (by some standards) but it’s still a star and it’s projected movement was first first paused on the 3D plane then moved on the 3D plane.

now in terms of ‘Free will’ equilibrium’ the energy used to move the star is/could be considered the ‘ imbalance’ of the free will equilibrium.

now that amount of energy can be utilized to bring the imbalance back to an equilibrium, on this density in this ‘3d plane’

so this means technically that a free will action was taken (the star being moved) that caused a diversion of the path of the estimated projected probability of this density.

the equivalent energy can therefore be utilized in a balanced action to even that shift.

however as you have read, we don’t want to be on the same density as the ‘2012 timeline’ so there had to be different ‘in-between’ density, and that is broadly the one you presently exist on.

To put that in very plain English, simple and to play out some of the ‘politics’

  • The Binary star movement was technically a free will action against the ‘leaders’ (official) of the Earth (humanoid reformation colony) as registered in the CG.
  • Technically they (the leaders) could take an equivalent action to re-balance that so you could say they have/had that ‘credit’
  • however they have (fortunately) no technical ability to carry out that equivalent action. (and no sane entity (most timelines he he) would give them that)
  • however they still have/had the ‘credit’ so ‘Lucifer’ could negotiate between say doing absolutely nothing, and saying “oh well what will be will be” in which case the ‘leaders’ would be in a larger ‘deficit’ with no chance to ‘survive’ as leaders, due to the actions of those that moved the star.
  • however doing nothing would also disadvantage the various members of the UGA due to the fact that now a registered humanoid colony is being reconfigured by the groups that moved the star, these groups do not necessarily always get along with various member of the UGA.
  • An equivalent explanation  might be to say if i went to your house didn’t knock entered and  said ‘well we need to move some furniture around’ then did it, then said “oh and also by the way the rats that were in house i have killed all them and replaced them with my gerbils, you’ll hardly notice the difference !”
  • Now the UGA could technically try to ‘re-balance’ that (apart from any other deficits) by simply reconfiguring the colony along their standards, to the equivalent of the imbalance, however that could further ‘imbalance’ the equilibrium and in the end you have something that looks like a 3D print gone wrong.

  • So of course all the players eventually wanted the customized option of a density in which this action is re-balanced but not at the disadvantage of the UGA and or the advantage of other groups whom originally took the (star moving) action.


Max Spiers Clarifications also ‘Jesus’ and ‘Enki EA’

here is a short video that is an excerpt of Max speaking:

I will let you study Max yourself if you are unfamiliar with his information.

  • First clarification ‘Jesus’ is not ‘Lucifer’  (maybe the poster is using some humor here?) the person the bible refers to as ‘Jesus’ was an entity that I know as ‘Enki EA’ and you will see in the ‘Mandela effect’ many ‘E’s’ and ‘A’s’ changing, also his association is ‘4’ or ’44’ or ‘444’ etc.
  • All the entities mentioned by Max are yes, separate people.
  • Max was / is a ‘higher level’ entity that is associated with Enki, max encoded here on the Earth colony like others.
  • My opinion based on the limited info I have was that Max was here to observe and then to help Enki and his group make decisions.
  • I cannot have a strong opinion on what humans call the ‘Death’ of Max as i don’t have intimate details but i find it unlikely that he was forced to do anything he didn’t want to do based on who he is and his associations to Enki’s group, however the nature of the free will effects of the colony means I could be wrong so study all that yourself and come to your own educated opinion, also at that ‘time’ there were ongoing disagreements between Enki’s group and other groups in or associated with the ‘UGA’
  • Although i just recently found this interesting video, which seems accurate and with details, i will leave it for you to understand by your variant learning.


Apart from the other relevant info and details in that video , I want to also reiterate that yes, your ‘Qsoul’ spans many ‘universe’s’ so theoretically you could compress all the ‘energy’ of a ‘universe’ and try to ‘effect’ a ‘Qsoul’ with no effect.  in essence it would be like trying to sum 0’s


Airl Document Clarifications

If you studied the Airl document you may be interested to listen to some of my ‘clarifications’ you will also know that when Mythi was asked about this he said some of the information was ‘confused’ M is only allowed to talk about a limited amount of info due to being a CG member and not being a human (that is to say he was not born on Earth and thus is not a human)

I am born on Earth so i can hold any opinion and give any information without restriction.

however I don’t have full access to any of my own files or the CG database, so obviously i have to somehow get this info and let you discern it.

I also think that the Airl document is in a sense a ‘Mandela effect’ that is in this density there was a copy made and forgot to be retrieved so this info could be here today.

My small clarifications (anything else just ask me)

When Airl spoke of the ‘electro shock’ system, she didn’t explain that there are basically two versions of it. ( but they are essentially the same thing)

Version One (1) ‘Electro shock’

Version one is you as a reformation colony ‘user’ have signed a contract to have your ‘consciousness’ ported to a reformation colony, and part of the porting process is that ‘Electro Shock’ so this is how you are ‘popped’ out of your original DNA container and this is how your consciousness is sent to a new location on the 3D plain.

so put into the correct context you are not a ‘prisoner of war’, you are a consenting citizen that is on a ‘sentence’ this probably isn’t a huge help as i explained, the alternatives were likely made to seem much worse, also you are advancing so being sent on such a ‘holiday’ would have mixed emotions as people back home would see the end results. i.e a much ‘improved’ wiser individual out the other end.

Now also..

Version Two (2) ‘Elecrtro Shock’

The Same ‘Electro shock’ could be used in ‘traps’ and in a ‘Wartime’ situation so in this case the Electro shock would disable the ‘enemy’ and higher technology entities would ‘negotiate’ a resolution.

The Shock is only ever there to push the individual into an ‘adjacent field’ however if you are a ‘lower level’ entity this would be confusing and you would end up a ‘prisoner of war’

Airl was talking about the second version but also she did not explain that your version had a different context (as she didn’t likely care to explain) remember you are from the ‘Enemy’ Empire.

she knows that if they had of eliminated the Earth colony she would be meeting many of you again in ‘battle’

Interestingly I am a human that can say to you i have been hit with the version two ‘Electro shock’ and it was an interesting experience, it was not a set of clumsy wires and a hat it was fired remotely from an advanced ‘3D plane’ ‘ship’ i’ll have to talk about it sometime in a wider context.

Those are the clarifications i have I’m not sure if they are align or misaligned with what  Mythi meant exactly as i don’t have an ongoing contact with him or access to the CG database.


Invitation to ‘Lucifer’

The scientists of Earth the colony (any ‘timeline’ ) had to formally invite ‘Lucifer’ to help.

This was done by building a particle accelerator the primary of which is called CERN, and that is part of the humor of the name of the site V/Contact (I suppose.)

Synchronized and in corresponding ‘time-lines’ the humans sent a successful invitation.

Those that wished in a free will manner were able to shift density consensus to a new ‘Timeline’ which is a different adjacent non linear density and they continued that path on that new density. (the one where you read this today) (now no …now..[joke])

When arriving in the new density you will have been consensus ‘compressed’ into a completely new and different ‘body’ (DNA container) because it is the one that corresponds to the current cycle you were/are on in this density.

So to put that in plain English (example) :

  • if you moved from the adjacent ‘2225~’ density to say ‘2009’
  • in the ‘2009’ density you would be occupying your ‘2009’ DNA container from the adjacent density.
  • so i guess in that respect it’s like ‘time travel’ where you are going ‘back’ to your then ‘2009’ body, but it is absolutely not ‘time travel’ because you are not going ‘back’ you are going ‘across’ (if you like) it’s not he past of that ‘timeline’ in any way shape or form.

Your ‘arrival’ can be non linear and so you may appear to have awareness of different aspects of different density at different times. I.e you can arrive and any ‘Year’ (in theory)

‘Mandela effected’ people will be able to have a better chance to understand this now that you have seen your body ‘shift’ because you have memory of an adjacent density.

I.e you have memories of a different body, and you have seen it change in ‘real time’

Also some of you may have noticed you were able to become ‘fitter’ and ‘healthier’.

{just pausing to find entertainment in how completely insane this all sounds : D}

There are a few things going on here, some are relevant ‘shifts’ to the body for adaptation and other aspects are that you compressed your ‘current’ frequency into your ‘old’ or different DNA container.

so to do some ‘Splainin’ clearly… you may have had a slightly lower ‘level’ in the body you occupy on a different density, now you have a slightly higher ‘level’ your DNA container updates to the relevant Body for your current frequency, it’s not magic or ‘illegal’ you just ‘moved’ to a new (old) DNA container, then updated it.

It’s really no different to if you went back to the source destination , lets say you enter a ‘preservation pod’ to get moved to a reformation colony,  in that ‘Time’ (source time) you will only be in it for an estimated, lets say 3 months. in that time you will gain lets say 500 ‘measures’ of frequency advancement.

So lets say you go in at 500~ and come back 1000~ source time has only been 3 ‘months’ your body (at source) will be 500 ‘measures’ behind your now 1000~ frequency, so upon returning to your DNA container in the ‘preservation pod’ that body will need to update.

As time moves forward and is serialized on this density (which is the same ‘density’ at source local)  it will do that kind of like replacing all the bricks in a house one by one, over time it will upgrade to match your new Frequency. (which is now 1000~ in this example)

‘Mary’ and ‘Lucifer’ on Earth.

I occupied a Human DNA container (male) on Earth, and ‘Mary’ The former Queen also occupied a DNA container in a non linear fashion at a time after me on this density at this local.

It was a part of my ‘terms’ (and for balance) that ‘Mary’ should also have an invitation and the correct and similar procedure was undertaken for that.

I was born naturally as a human in year 1977 which corresponds to my chosen outside encryption which is 666, to simply explain this if anyone ‘scans’ my frequency it will always show 666~, to all intents and purposes i am a human of ‘666~’ frequency level.

(Everything that Max Spiers said was broadly accurate in ref to “looking for Lucifer” however ‘They’ were not originally looking for me to have a cup of tea and a chat (as I explained) the first objective was to control the 666~ version (or avatar) and if not able to control then expel / eliminate / terminate (from the colony.) (which given the circumstances is understandable) (considering the ‘party crash’ aspect of our arrival)

Mary encoded (female) in 1989 (born also naturally and gloriously human) she is here to advance and many people are helping her and she is learning a lot from humanity.

this syncronistically relevant image is from the popular chat app ‘Telegram’ :



it may be said (or contested) that the guy represented here is a popular part of the ‘mmo’ group whom all hangout together, and has been filmed here and was called by ‘Extraterrestrial whistle blowers ‘ as ‘Skinny Bob’ :



Jokes and messages in the ‘Mandela Effect”

lots of jokes were made in ‘Mandela’s’  but you would have to be privy to the back info (and be of the relevant frequency) to basically understand all of them, however they are apparently designed with a broad spectrum of frequency in mind.

hopefully i have helped splain that so that we can all more share in this comedy,  i will try to add to this and explain more of them as i update. (i will ask Mary’s permission to explain some as i will need to post an image)

Other ‘jokes’ were made about ‘Mary’, in ‘Grease lighting’ the changes to the song correspond to the ‘keen’ aspect of the groups in the UGA (and elsewhere) that want to see ‘Mary’ advance, you will notice the Car is red now also (where it use to be white and gold once done up)  ‘Mary’ has been termed ‘The Red Queen’ and you can see an image of her eye if you look on your one (1) dollar bill if you are in the USA.

This is to represent the control system that helped so many humanoids be sorted and ‘advance’ (learn valuable lessons) on the colony without also wreaking havoc and destroying this part of the galaxy.

Also you may see a representation of ‘Lucifer’ as ‘Sandy’ (Lucifer in her ‘non human form’ ‘female’ ) also as the human from in 666 frequency.

In the grease song ‘Summer Nights’ ‘he’ is sitting with a ‘Masonic’ apron while ‘she’ is appearing to look down.

‘He’ seems to have managed to hold the look of  pissed off, confused and bored all at the same time.

as for ‘Her’ she seems to be having a great old time !  : D

Actually there is a lot of humor in the ‘Mandela effect’ and if nothing else I hope it has made us all laugh (it certainly has me)



What you call the ‘Mandela effect’ came broadly as a result of the negotiations that were co-incidentally mentioned in the Book by Dolores Cannon :


you can see a video about that here:


Finally a broad spectrum of agreements panned out so that it was seen by all that a path forward was the ‘best for all’

The result is that different groups have been able to allow for changes to be made in a manner that helps everyone involved (of relevant frequency ) become more self aware.

If you are not of the frequency to be able to return to this local on this density you are unlikely to see these changes, however every second determines your free will path so that does not mean people can not see, they just do not now.

I have no idea talking to you as a human who’s idea this was I think it probably came about by consensus or someone with at least a good sense of humor.

The results have been very positive as far as I can see.



However you are still on a reformation colony that was established by a militaristic ‘police state’ Empire.

The colony has not been granted full access to the Community of Galaxies.

The colony is still grossly overpopulated by lower level individuals and this is why you will notice that although ‘unreal’ and ‘sci-fi’ paranormal events are happening, you are still going to work and still working for a ‘Government’

You are still being actively extracted by your money system.

This is all because the colony is the sum of it’s consensus, it is the sum of it’s parts, and the most of the population of lower level people are forming that consensus.

These ‘control systems’ are there for a purpose and that was due to the nature of the colony, as the sum of those parts shifts then so can the consensus.

No outside force can ever change that without breaching free will.

If you want to blame someone for the position you are in buy a high resolution mirror.

This is why in the ‘2012’ timeline the government and others were waiting so much on the Binary star because it is/was a matter of natural course, not an aspect of free will.

Your Government (for the most part) is the product of the Empire it was Genesis from and that is why that timeline was not an ‘ideal’ deal for everyone.

However there have been positive ‘Mandela effects’ and if more people that are now aware of the reality can try to work together that can spread though actions.

your actions determine your path on this density anyone can talk a lot and take no action. if this is the case they will wake up and see that nothing has happened you have moved absolutely nowhere on the density, so if you want the world to change start to be the change you want to see.

if you have a sense of adventure you can be a part of many various groups helping the CG and UGA and other groups in the CG, the CG still needs a ‘police force’ and many groups still need protection, others need development, there is a lot more to be done out there than what is occurring here right now, you can start to be a part of that.

there is no ‘good’ and ‘bad’ there are just ‘people’ out there, they don’t all get along and you can choose to be a part of the wider ‘party’ because if everyone got along the universe would have blinked out of existence by now due to boredom.

humans can help carve out a unique bridge in development between old empires.